In the previuos posts I talked about my financial and travel goals. As you can imagine reading the title, in this article I’m going to talk about my self-development goals for 2018.

So, let’s start!

  1. Drink more water   –   In progress (This year I’m drinking more water than years before, because I read that it’s very very important for our health)
  2. Start a new sport   –   In progress (At the start of the year I had this idea, but now I think I don’t have enought time to start a new sport…but never say never)
  3. Train 3+ times a week   –   In progress (I still haven’t started to train, but I believe I’ll start this week or the next one)
  4. Complete a Coursera course   –   In progress (I think I’m gonna follow and complete a Coursera course in July. I would like to follow a course about personal finance, if I find one)
  5. Read 15 books written in italian   –   In progress [7/15 read] (I’m reading a lot this year, at least for my standards. From the beginning of the year I’ve read: [1] Thinking, Fast and Slow, [2] The Expanse #1, [3] Le regole del gioco, [4] I diavoli, [5] I cavalieri del Nord, [6] The Art of Reading Minds: How to understand and influence others without them noticing, and [7] the first book of The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Now I’m reading the second one)
  6. Read 5 books written in english   –   In progress [1/5] (I’ve read “Unshakeable” by Tony Robbins and now I’m reading “The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCE”)
  7. Listen 5 audiobooks   –   In progress (I haven’t started yet to listen audiobooks. I want to start in the month of July)
  8. Get the Economics Degree   –   Completed (On 29th June of 2018 I got the Business Economics degree at the University of Pisa, Italy)
  9. Listen 50 english podcast episodes  –   In progress [23/50] (I’m working on this goal, I’m sure about the fact that I’ll reach it)
  10. Watch 100 english TV series episodes   –   In progress (I still have to choose which TV series to watch…maybe “Lost”? Do you have any advice for me?)
  11. Read about Hinduism and Buddhism   –   In progress (I want to read about these topics this summer, maybe when I’ll be in holiday in Croatia)

So, these are my self-development goals for 2018 and their progress. Do you have goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments below!