I received a Kindle Paperwhite for my graduation!

Two weeks ago I graduated in Economics. I received several gifts, but the most interesting was the Kindle Paperwhite, that I had been craving for months.

Now, I’be been using it for a week and today I want to briefly talk to you about my experience with it.

I’m a good reader. I like to read and I love books of several genres. I have a big bookcase full of books. But five or six months ago I discovered the Kindle Paperwhite and as soon as I saw it I wanted it, because I really liked the idea to try a different way to read a book.

For my graduation I had the chance to receive the Kindle Paperwhite as a gift, and I was really really happy about it.

I’ve already read two books on the Kindle, in just one week. I find that reading a book on the Kindle is easier and less laborious than reading a book in the “normal” way, because it’s very slight, portable, easy to use. You can also read a book without the light that you need to read a real book, and this is an important pro for the Kindle.

Another one great benefit of the Kindle Paperwhite is the price of the books. As you can see on Amazon, the Kindle version of a book costs more or less half of the paper book. This is a big saving if you are a good reader.

In the next weeks I’ll talk more about this great product. Meanwhile, if you have any question about it, ask me in the comments!


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