Last week I read an ebook on my Kindle, Codice Montemagno by Marco Montemagno. Today I want to write there some things that I learned reading this ebook, that I found very interesting. Maybe these things can be interesting or inspiring for you too.

Let’s start!

  • Believe in the “unimaginable”  –   If you start to make reflections and to take decisions about your life, your relationships, your job or anything else, you transform the imaginable into unimaginable, and that makes all the difference of the world. If you think that you are at the final stage of your life, that you can’t change anything about it, you’re wrong! You can ALWAYS change your life.


  • Dedicate at least one or two hours a day to what you love  – Even if you have a job that takes up most of your day, try to dedicate at least one or two hours a day to what you truly love. It may be a sport, an hobby or whatever. This is very important for you mental health, believe me!


  • Ambition makes an enormous difference  – Always be ambitious! Ambition makes a truly big difference in your life, so always try to be ambitious, in every occasion you can.


  • Limits move  –  Limits are not fixed. They move on with you. If you improves, limits move on. This is why you must try, every single day of your life, to improve yourself. If you do, you can reach goals you can’t even believe today.


  • Pay attention to priming and framing  –  You are firmly convinced of many things. But have you ever thought about what you are convinced of? You should discover that one or more of these things are false. Maybe you are a “victim” of two marketing techniques: priming and framing. Inquire about these two techniques because it’s very important to learn not to be fooled.

I’ll write more articles like this, because in this period I’m reading a lot and I like to share my readings with you. If you’re interested, stay tuned!