Hi everyone!

Today I’m writing this post to inform you about a new post format that I want to try to introduce on FinanceShot.

The format’s name is Weekly Update, so every single post will be called in this way. In this new ‘kind’ of post you’ll always find the next things:

  • The most interesting (in my opinion) things I learned during the week (remember that I’m taking a Double Degree in Corporate Finance, so what I’ll write will concern this topic, in particular the subjects I’m following during this first semester).
  • 5 songs that I loved during the week.
  • Updates regarding the films or TV series I’m watching.
  • Updates about the books I’m reading.

Moreover, if during the week happens something that I think it’s important to remember, I’ll surely add it in the Weekly Update.

I hope you like this idea. Let me know in the comments if you think I should add some topics in the Weekly Update.

The first Weekly Update will be on Friday, stay tuned!