Things I Learned This Week

This week I learned the story of Parmalat’s bankrupt, and I had to create a presentation to present it at the class. The story is about a very big accounting fraud, that’s what we’re studying during Corporate Governance class hours.

We started to learn the performance ratio of a firm, in order to evaluate the performance of the firm, also in relation with similar firms.


  • Funky Friday – Dave, Fredo
  • Heartbeat – Marco Wagner
  • Lulu – Nayt

TV Series

Last week I started to watch Lost, but I stopped at the first episode. I didn’t like it so for the moment I’m not gonna watch more episodes.

Right now I’m watching Elite, the new series where there are many actors from “La Casa di Papel”. I really like it. I’m gonna to finish it within 2 or 3 days.


I’m reading the second volume of “The Expanse” saga, called Caliban’s War. I read almost half of it and I like it. My intention is to read all the saga within this year.

Last week I started “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. I’m reading it a little bit slow because I want to learn as possible as I can from it.