Things I Learned This Week

This week I learned the Disney case, that talks about how the ex-CEO (Michael Eisner) gained almost 600 millions between 1992 and 1997. In class we discussed about the correlation betwee the company’s performance and the CEO’s compensation.


  • Torna a casa – Maneskin
  • Top Off – DJ Khaled
  • No One – Alicia Keys

TV Series

I still am not watching Lost, but I finished Elite, and I liked it, except for the final episode.

This week I started to watch Hill House (I’m at the third episode) and The100 (I’m at the seventh episode). I’m truly enjoying both of them, also if they are completely different genres.


I’m still reading the second volume of “The Expanse” saga, called Caliban’s War. I read almost half (55%) of it and I like it. My intention is to read all the saga within this year.

I’m also reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. I started one more book, called Diablo, that talks about demons and exorcisms. I think Netflix is doing a series about it.