Hi guys! Today is the day of my Passive Income Report for the month of October 2018. This is a fixed appointment (every new month) so if you’re interested in posts like this, start to follow the blog and feel free to write a comment. I always read your comments.

Let’s take a look at my passive income of October.


As you probably know, EstateGuru is my biggest P2P lending investment (900 EUR). In October I added some cash to my balance, and I used it to invest in 2 new projects, that menas that starting from this month I should receive higher interests during the month.

In the image below you can find all the information you want. My total earnings for October is 8.12 EUR. Considering the new balance, it’s a 0,90% return on the total investment. But considering the old balance it’s a 1,16% return. This is a very good return, that’s why I like this site.



My earnings on ViaInvest are more or less always the same. In the image below you can find the total interests (2.03 EUR) and the withholding tax (0.23 EUR). So my total earnings is 1.80 EUR, a 0,90% return on the total investment. I think that during the month of November I’ll increase my ViaInvest balance, maybe with just 100 EUR.



The Twino platform is still having some problems with the number of loans available. Money often stays many days in the available balance because there are no loans available to invest. That is a bad situation, because in this way money does not work. Howewer, in October I earned 3.42 EUR, that is a 0,85% return on the total investment.



Robocash is my smallest P2P lending investment. My balance is just 150 EUR. In October I earned 1.66 EUR, that is a 1,11% return on the total investment. Considering that this is a very good monthly return, I’m sure that during this month (November) I’ll increase my balance on this site, maybe with 150 EUR more.



Mintos is my second biggest P2P lending investment. I trust this site, that’s why Iìm still increasing my balance, month by month. Now, my total investment on Mintos is 800 EUR.

My total earnings for October is 5.97 EUR (0,75% return on the total investment, not so good this month).



As you probably know, I always receive 1.59 EUR from Housers, every single month. In the image below you can see the projects I funded.



October has been a very good month for me on Grupeer, as you can see in the image below, thanks to the referral income. I received 3.55 EUR of interests and 17.07 EUR as commissions for my referral. Total earnings: 20,62 EUR. This is a 4,58% return on my total investment (0,79% considering only the interests received). Very great month!




The total sum of my passive income for the month of August is 43,18 EUR. This is my best month since when I started to invest on P2P lending, but we do not have to forget that more than 17 EUR come from referral income, so they are not the normality, but an exception.

During these days I’m thinking about where to invest more or less 300 EUR more. Maybe I could divide them between RoboCash and ViaInvest, but we’ll see.


During the month of October I expanded my Dividend Portfolio: I bought 5 CSCO (Cisco) stocks. My plan is to keep them (and also the 5 KO stocks I already have) for many years, because I want to receive the dividends, in order to create a new passive income source.

During November I’ll buy some other stocks if I find some good stocks at a not so high price. We’ll see!

That’s all guys, if you have questions, write them in the comments. See you soon!