Mintos Campaign: Investing in P2P Lending with a 11.5% annual return

Hi guys, I’m writing this post to tell you about this new Mintos┬áregistration campaign.

As you probably know, I invested 800 EUR on Mintos and I really like how its platform works. It is very simple to use and the annual return is quite good. My actual annual return is 12.15%. From my first deposit I earned more than 70 EUR.


This is the situation of my investments on Mintos:


I’m investing my money on different P2P lending platform, as you can read in my previous posts, and I’m convinced that Mintos is one of the best among them.

These are, in my opinion, the main advantages:

  • Huge numbers of loans available
  • Very low rate of defaulted loans (I still have 0 defaulted loans)
  • Very functional Auto-Invest function (that makes most of the work for you)

This is why I think Mintos is a good platform. If you would like to try this investment opportunity, will be a pleasure for me if you use my referral link: Register on Mintos. Remember that registering from my link is completely free for you, obviously.

Moreover, if you any questions, I’m always here to answer!



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