Hi guys!

As I anticipated in the previuos posts, this month I decided to try 3 new P2P Lending platform. In particular I chose to try Envestio, FastInvest and Swaper.

Let’s talk a little about these platform and why I chose them.


I found out Envestio a few months ago, while I was reading a blog about P2P platforms. I think that Envestio is particularly interesting because of the interest rate of the projects that you can finance. Infact, on Envestio we can fin many projects with interest rate from 15% to more than 20%, and this is a really affascinating interest rate. Obviously, Envestio is more risky than platforms that return 10 to 12%, for example, but I decided to try this platform with a minimum of my P2P Lending portfolio (about 7%), as you can see in the image below.


I financed three different projects (one related to oil production, one to urban mining and one to biomass fuel) because I always want to diversify my balance. On the right side you can see the monthly interest payment schedule for the next months. If every projects will work in the right way, I’ll receive more or less 4 EUR per month from Envestio.

Moreover, on Envestio is present a referral program that grants me 5 EUR when an investor register through my referral link and 2.5% of his investment. I think that it’s a very good program, and if you’ll decide to try Envestio through my link I’ll be very pleased!


FastInvest is a relatively new P2P lending platform that says to give the investor a 14% annual interest rate. I added to my balance 300 EUR and invested them, 20-25 EUR per single investment. I chose only the investments that grants 13.50% of interest rate, and did not chose the ones with 9% of interest. I did not found investments with a 14% interest rate.


Here you can see my balance and two of the investments I chose to finance. I read many interesting articles on FastInvest, and they all agree about the fact that this platform is working very well, that’s why I decided to try it with a first deposit of 300 EUR.


The last platform I tried is Swaper. As for FastInvest, I read a lot about it before deciding myself to invest. Swaper’s website says that on this platform investors can obtain an annual interest rate equal to 12%. In order to try the platform, I added 200 EUR to my personal balance, as you can see from the image below.


I soon noticed one important issue: at the moment in which I added funds, there weren’t availabe investments to finance. Howewer, I created an Auto-Invest portfolio, that means that as soon as new fundable investments will be available, it will invest my balance on them (or I hope so!).


This means that starting from the end of January (or February) in the posts in which I tell you my monthly P2P earnings, you will fin also the income deriving from Envestio, FastInvest and Swaper.

After these new investments my P2P Lending portfolio reach a size of 4250 EUR, as you can daily check on the “Investment History & P2P Portfolio” page, that you can easily find on this blog.

Let me know in the comments if you’re using one or more of these platforms!

See you soon guys!