37 Best Christmas Gifts for Finance Lovers

Welcome to the Christmas Season! 😀 I thought that sharing a list of Christmas Gifts be a nice idea and I hope you’ll like it! But I decided to customize it because this is a blog about finance. So here you are the 37 Best Christmas Gifts for Finance Lovers!

If you’re looking for a Christmas Gift suitable for a finance lover, you’ll find many nice ideas in this post. Keep on reading! 🙂


Let’s start with some interesting books. I already suggested many books this year on the blog. Just to make some examples:

These articles are plenty of super interesting books. I suggest you to check them out! In addition, I want to report in today’s article my favorite books of 2019. I think that receiving a book as a gift is always good. That’s why I inserted many books in this Christmas Gifts list for finance lovers. I mean, I love receiving books as a gift! Do you?

So let’s check out the financial books suggested for this Christmas!

I Will Teach You to be Rich: No Guilt. No Excuses. No BS. Just a 6-Week Program That Works.

This is an incredible book. Trust me. The author, Ramit Seth, is one of the financial gurus that I trust more and the intrinsic value of this book is recognized throughout the world.

I Will Teach You to be Rich consists of a 6-week program that teaches you how to crush your debt, how to set-up a zero-fee bank account, how to automatize your finances, and many more important financial tips.

Steve Jobs

The official biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Isaacson. Isaacson is an incredible biographer and I think this is his best work. For those who love Steve Jobs, this book is a perfect gift!

Other biographies by Walter Isaacson:

Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

I read Unshakeable by Tony Robbins back in 2018, and I loved it. It was my first book written by Robbins and I didn’t know what to expect because I received it as a gift. One of the best gifts I ever received! That’s why I insert it in this list 🙂

Principles: Life and Work

I already cited this book many times on the blog. I read it some weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. It’s so inspiring! Its author is Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates, one of the most important hedge funds in the world. He shares its main principles regarding life and work, and we all have so much to learn from this book!

The Financial Freedom Challenge: 31 Days – 31 Challenges

How can I not mention my e-book? I think this a great gift because it really can change the life of a person. And you know what? It’s extremely cheap! 😀

Master Your Money Ultimate Bundle

This is a bundle of 45 personal finance resources with a huge intrinsic value for an incredible price. You can buy it online and the main topics covered are: Paying off debt, Saving for a big expense, Planning for retirement, and Building wealth. As you can see it is quite complete and full of value 🙂

Day Trading Journal

One of the best gifts for a trader, for sure! Basically, it’s a journal in which a trader can report, day by day, his trading activities. Reporting is a fundamental step if you want to learn from your own mistakes, and this day trading journal allows the trader to always have at hand all his past operations. Super useful!


Last suggestion of my Christmas Gifts list for finance lover related to the literay world is the Kindle by Amazon. I received a Kindle as a gift some time ago. To be honest, it changed my life in positive. I love reading books on it, and I assure you that for readers there is no better gift than this!

There are many versions, rather similar to each other. Let’s see which Kindle are available:

  • Kindle – The basic version, the one I have. It has nothing to envy to more expensive versions.
  • Kindle Paperwhite – Same characteristics of the version above, with something more (water-resistant, more defined screen..)
  • Kindle Oasis – The most advanced version (and the more expensive). The screen si even more defined and device is more portable.


Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a daily business newspaper, one of the most appreciated worldwide. A finance lover will surely love a digital subscription to this journal as a gift, trust me 🙂

The Economist

Another super interesting newspaper that a finance lover would love for sure. It talks about many important topics, and I always read it at the university, where I can find the most recent copy. Strongly suggested!


Fortune treats topics like Technology, Finance, Politics and so on. I think that it is newsworthy, and I like reading its website two or three times a week. There is always something worth reading.


Planner 2020

I started to use a planner in 2018 and since then I can no longer do without it. I use it to write down all the things I have to do every single day and it really helps me to be more productive and effective. A Planner for 2020 will surely be an appreciated Christmas Gift 🙂

Some examples:


The wallet is an accessory that I tend to change often because I haven’t found one yet that satisfies me in full. But I must say that the last one I bought is very close. It’s super comfortable and light, just like I like it. I’m talking about the I-CLIP wallet.

It is available in countless colors and versions, and it can contain many cards, bills, and other stuff.

Other beautiful wallets:

Parker Ballpoint pen

If you’re looking for a gift for a person who loves reading and writing, I firmly believe that a beautiful pen can be a really appreciated gift. For instance, Parker creates beautiful pens.

This particular model is available in many colors and versions, and you will surely find a pen suitable for a gift. This is another amazing ballpoint pen from Parker, but also a fountain pen can be extremely appreciated. They do not cost too much, but they’re fantastic!


Stock Market Denim Hats

To be honest, I don’t like hats. But I know that they’re largely appreciated, so I decided to insert this hat on the Christmas list. It’s nice, and the sentence on it is pure truth: “The stock market is not a good reason to panic”. Amen.

Life’s Great when You’re an Investor T-Shirt

I have dozens of t-shirts and I always wear them. They’re so comfortable! What I don’t have is a shirt dedicated to the investing world. This shirt has on it a great and motivating sentence, and I think it could be an appreciated gift for an investor 🙂

Games & Other Stuff

The Wolf of Wall Street (Blu-ray Disc)

The last section of my Christmas Gifts list for a finance lover starts with the Blu-ray Disc of The Wolf of Wall Street. I loved this film! One of the best performances ever by Leonardo Di Caprio in my opinion. I watched it many times and I still want to watch it again. I’m sure that if you’re looking for a gift for a finance lover, he/she will appreciate this gift!

Coffee Mug Day Trader

This is a nice gift for a trader who loves having a great breakfast in the morning. I love mugs and maybe I have too many of them. Mugs are always appreciated, right?

Wolf of Wall Street Wall Art Painting

Another beautiful Wolf of Wall Street themed gift. This time is a wall art painting dedicated to Leonardo di Caprio and his character, Jordan Belfort.

It has amazing colors, and most likely I’ll buy a copy for me.

Kakeibo: The Japanese Art of Budgeting & Saving Money

I already wrote something on the Kakeibo on the blog. I used it throughout 2019 and it’s incredible. It’s just a book in which you write your Income and Expenses, and it really helps to save more money. But the most important thing is that it teaches you how to correctly budget your money. If you have a friend with bad money habits, this is a super suitable gift.

Monopoly Game of Thrones

I love playing Monopoly, and I also love Game of Thrones. I think that for a person like me this would a perfect gift! If you have a friend with these tastes, you should consider buying him/her this version of Monopoly.

Stratton Oakmont Inc Mug

Another mug. But it’s not a common mug. I’m talking about the Stratton Oakmont Inc Mug. You know what I’m talking about, right? If you don’t, shame on you 😀 In addition, you can also consider making its sweatshirt as a gift.

That’s all guys! This is my list of Christmas Gifts for a finance lover. I tried to create a list of gifts as complete as possible and I hope that you can be inspired by this list 🙂

If you want to share some other Christmas gift ideas, feel free to leave a comment below this article! Remember to subscribe to the blog if you want to receive my posts directly in your mail.

Have a good Christmas, and a happy 2020! 😀


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