6 Ways to Save More Money

As I wrote on the dedicated page, saving more money is a crucial step to Financial Freedom. Today I want to share with you 6 simple ways to save more money. Financial Freedom is not about making sacrifices but it’s about using our money in the best possible way. So check out some easy ways to save more money without affecting your lifestyle.

#1 – Cut the TV/Internet cost

How much do you pay for your Internet/TV subscription? I’m sure you can save money by doing some online researches. Look for a new and cheaper subscription, now!

For instance, up to two months ago we had a subscription for TV and one for the Internet connection. My father found out a brand-new offer by the television company. The new offer includes both the TV and Internet connection for a price lower than the previous TV subscription. Incredible!

Another way to save even more money is not having the TV subscription. In the past months I’m using only Netflix for example, where I can always find something interesting to watch.

#2 – Look for cashback opportunities

This is a super easy way to save money. I started to use cashback opportunities while booking my summer holidays and I saved a lot of money.

My advice is to always look for a cashback opportunity before buying anything online.

You have two options:

  • Choose 1 or 2 cashback websites and use them to look for opportunities related to what you would like to buy
  • Whenever you’re buying something online, open Google and search, for example, “Zalando cashback” and take advantage of one of the opportunities presented to you

As you probably know I’m italian and one of our best cashback website is Dubli. On its homepage you can see the active offers. Just to make some examples of currently active offers: up to 7,2% of cashback on Groupon, up to 3,2% on Booking.com, up to 4,8% on Flixbus.

Other interesting cashback websites are:

Just search on Google “Your-country cashback website” and you’ll find out the best websites for your country.

You can easily understand how much easy is to save money through these websites. Start using them!

Moreover, for my online purchases I use my Hype card that offers additional cashback opportunities (and zero commissions). For instance by combining Dubli and the Hype card I can save up to 10% on Booking.com.

#3 – Automate your savings

As I said in the Financial Freedom page, you should save a pre-determined percentage of your income every month. If you do it automatically, it’ll be much easier and faster.

A method could be to have two different bank accounts: one on which you receive your income and one dedicated to your savings. Set an automatic monthly transfer from to the first to the second and invest these savings as soon as you receive it on the second bank account.

#4 – Read a personal finance book

Reading a personal finance book may help you to better understand how money works (inflation, deflation, interests, saving..). This additional knowledge will help you to “treat your money better”.

Here you are some interesting books about this particular topic:

  • Personal Money Management: How to save money, How to stop spending money impulsively, pay off debt (English Edition)Buy it on Amazon, 16 EUR
  • How to Save Money: 25 Step-by-Step Tips on How to save Money bu Cutting Unnecessary Expenses Without Sacrificing the Quality of Your LifeBuy it on Amazon, 7 EUR
  • L’arte del risparmio: Come risparmiare soldi senza rinunce (Italian Edition)Buy it on Amazon, 4 EUR

#5 – Train physically with constancy

If you train consistently you will save a lot of money on medical expenses in the long term. Moreover you will soon feel better with yourself and with others.

I’m not talking about body-building. I’m talking about training 3-4 times a week for 15-25 minutes.

I’m currently using a Nike official application called NTC (Nike Training Club). It’s completely free and very complete. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced exercices, so it’s suitable for everyone. You can also create a custom program suitable for your demands.

Do not underestimate this point.

#6 – Eat vegetarian 1-2 times a week

Eating vegetarian (at home) is incredibly cheaper than eating meat or fish. Find out some juicy vegetarian recipes and eat vegetarian 1 or 2 times a week. This will make you feel better and will also make you save more money.


Saving more money is incredibly important for our ultimate goal: Financial Freedom. Start as soon as possibile to do it!

As you may have noticed these are simple ways to save more money and you can adopt the even today. There are infinite ways to save money, but for the moment start simple and without impacting on your lifestyle.

Are you already started to save more money? If yes, how? Share your experience in the comments!

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