Best and Worst Performing Platforms

During the past days I posted on the blog many articles about the performance of every single P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding platform that I use. Today I want to share with you the ranking of my best and worst performing platforms.

I created an Infographic to rank all the platforms to make you understand which is my best performing platform (Envestio) and my worst performing platform (Housers).

Best and Worst Performing Platforms - Infographic

As you can see Envestio allows us to earn an annual interest rate higher than 17% whereas Housers an annual interest rate lower than 5% (but remember that on Housers I have invested on a project that pays all the interests ah the end and moreover it acts as tax substitute, so this is an after-tax return). This is a very big difference that in the medium and long term makes all the difference of the world. In the middle you can see all the other platforms.

If you want to read the individual articles, I leave here the links:

Attention: this ranking is based only on the Monthly Average Return, and it does not take other parameters into consideration. It has the goal to make clear the return that you can obtain by investing on the platforms. But while you’re choosing on which platform to invest you should consider also other parameters like the risk related to the platform, its main features and so on.


Obviously to an higher return is strictly related an higher risk. For instance, the risk related to investing on Envestio is higher than the one related to investing on Lenndy.

As you probably know at the moment my preferite platform is Mintos, for the overall experience it offers. The second platform that I always suggest is Grupeer.

I would suggest to use Envestio or EstateGuru only to investors that already know this world and are already using at least one of the platforms cited above, because they’re slightly more difficult to use for the absence of the Auto-Invest function.

Are you performances similar to mine? Let me know in the comments!

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