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Considering that I’m very interested in StartUps, I decided to write an article about which are in my opinion the best TV series about this topic. I really like watching series like these. We can learn important things, like how a startupper thinks or which are all the obstacles they have to face and so on.

Today I would like to suggest you my 2 preferite TV Series about StartUps.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is absolutely my favorite series on this topic. Mike Judge created it in 2014 for HBO, and since then it obtained an enormous success. It first showed the world the magnificent world of startups.

It tells the story of a group of guys that try to create and launch on the market a startup called PiedPiper. Its main product is an algorithm that can incredibly compress any kind of files.

Silicon Valley is composed by 5 seasons and the sixth will be released during 2019. This is a great news for those who have been waiting for a while like me. You’ll enjoy this series, trust me!


The second series that I suggest you has not a creative name. Indeed, its name is StartUp, and it is the first TV series that talks about cryptocoins. The story is full of FBI agents, criminal bosses and genious nerds.

The cast of StartUp is pretty awesome. For instance, Martin Freeman (the actor who played Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit) plays the role of the agent Phil Rusk. The series is interesting and I really suggest you to watch it.

StartUp is composed by 2 seasons and the third will be released during 2019

StartUp is available on Amazon Prime Video. If you’re not already subscribed, click here to have 30 days for free: I assure you that 30 days are enough to watch the entire series and many more interesting contents!

I hope you’ll watch at least one of these series. I believe that they’re a fantastic way to have fun while learning something very interesting, if you like the startups’ world.

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