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Hi! I’m Domenico Cervo and Welcome to FinanceShot!

I’m an italian Economics student. I graduated in Business Administration in 2018. I’m currently studying Corporate Finance at LUISS University, Rome.

I became interested in Personal Finance in 2013 by reading blogs and formus about this topic. I created FinanceShot to share my investment experience and my path to creating a monthly stable passive income.

The mission of FinanceShot is simple: sharing my journey to FinancialFreedom and be an inspiration for those who want to achieve this goal.

I write posts about personal finance, investing and personal development.

If you’re interested in P2P Lending, you can find all the platform I use here. Otherwise, if you’re interested in Real Estate Crowdfunding, you can find all the platform I use here.

I’m currently investing on different platforms and opportunities: check all them out at the Investment Portfolio page so you can have an idea of how I’m investing my money at the moment. 

Attention: I do not give financial advice. FinanceShot was created for tracking my journey to Financial Freedom

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