FF Challenge – Day 11: Create a Side Hustle

Welcome to Day 11 of the Financial Freedom Challenge! Yesterday we set up a system that automatically saves part of our Income in order to save more money. We’ll need it when we will start to invest. Today we work on creating our first side hustle.

Are you ready?

Financial Freedom Challenge - Day 11: Create a Side Hustle

What’s today’s task?

Having multiple Income sources is one of the secrets to achieving Financial Freedom. As I said above our today’s goal is starting to create a side hustle.

What is a side hustle?

“A side hustle is any type of employment undertaken in addition to a full-time job”. Basically is an Income source in addition to your main Income source (full-time job).

How do we create a side hustle?

We need to dedicate part of our free time to the creation and development of a side hustle. Side hustles must not be a source of stress. That’s why we need to work on side hustles that embrace our passions.

Examples of side hustles

  • Write an e-book and sell it on Amazon
  • Sell stuff on eBay
  • Sell your photos
  • Open a blog
  • Create an online course
  • Teach your language online
  • Make t-shirts

These are just examples of side hustles you can start to earn more money. I don’t know your passions so I can only make you some examples. My advice is to transform your passions into a side hustle.

If you like writing, create a blog or write articles and sell them. If you like drawing, create awesome t-shirts and sell them online. That’s all.

Another suggestion: use as much technology as possible and automatize your new side hustle as much as you can. For instance, if you decide to create and sell t-shirts, sell them online (example: Shopify).

A brief summary of today’s task of the Financial Freedom Challenge

  1. Think about your passions and write them down
  2. Transform your main passion in a side hustle
  3. Automate your side hustle as much as possible and use technology (apps, online shops..)

My experience

A few days ago I wrote a comprehensive article on this topic and in particular on the 4 Side Hustles I’m working on. I suggest you to read it: 4 Side Hustles I’m working on.

I intend to create an ebook out of this Challenge. I think it may be useful.

Suggested books:

  • Side Hustle: Build a Side Business and Make Extra Money – Without Quitting Your Day Job (Buy it on Amazon)
  • 100 Side Hustles: Unexpected Ideas for Making Extra Money Without Quitting Your Day Job (Buy it on Amazon)

Final recommendations

This was Day 11 of the Financial Freedom Challenge. Pay attention to this step and work hard on it. As I said before having multiple Income sources is fundamental to achieve Financial Freedom, so start working on it NOW!

If you have any questions about this challenge, write a comment and I’ll be glad to answer you 🙂

Do you already have a side hustle? If yes, share your experience in the comments, I’m very curious 🙂

Come back tomorrow for Day 12. I’ll be here for you! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Share this challenge on your social media: this will keep you motivated during the path, trust me 🙂 If you want direct contact with me (answers, discussions, doubts, advice…) and the other participants, join our Telegram groups (ENG Group, ITA Group).

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