FF Challenge – Day 16: Find Mentors

Hello guys! How are you? Today with Day 16 begins the second part of the Financial Freedom Challenge. In the first part of the challenge, we worked on all the important aspects (mental and practical) of our financial life. If you’re reading this post I have to deduce that you have completed all the previous steps. Otherwise, I strongly suggest you to do it before proceeding with the challenge.

Now that you’ve completed the first 15 days, are you ready for the second part of the challenge? 🙂

FF Challenge - Day 16: Find Mentors

What’s today’s task?

Today’s goal is to find a mentor. There are many ways and paths to find a mentor. In this article, I’m going to suggest my favorite path. But feel free to find it as you prefer.

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a wiser, older and more experienced person that has achieved the goals (financial goals, life goals..) you want to achieve and that can help you do it by sharing with you his/her experience. Experience in our field is one of the most valuable assets.

So the first thing to do is to understand what you want to achieve in the next 3-5 years. You need to define it to better identify the typology of mentor that suits you. Then you have to look for a mentor which could be good for you.

Where to look for a mentor?

Here you are some of the best places to start to look for a mentor:

  • Online programs – On the web you can find many websites dedicated to this topic. For instance, findamentor.com is one of the most famous. On websites like this, you can look for and chat with mentors. If you realize you perfectly match with one of them you can extend your collaboration.
  • Networking events – Nowadays every business category has many themed events during the year. Participate in them, identify experts in your industry and try to create a relationship with them.
  • Social media – I bet you’re already part of some Facebook groups dedicated to your business sector or industry. Look for a mentor in these groups or in general by using social media.

Some suggestions for you

Never start a conversation with a potential mentor with something like “Do you want to be my mentor?”. Before asking it create a solid and fruitful relationship with the potential mentor. You may realize that the person you chose can’t be a good mentor for you and you need to start again.

A good mentor does not necessarily be a famous or rich person. It could also be one of your neighbor or one of your professors. Just think about a person you would like to be and start creating a relationship.

A brief summary of today’s task of the Financial Freedom Challenge

  1. Define the type of person you want to become within 3 or 5 years
  2. Identify 2 or 3 people that match with the type of person you defined in point 1
  3. Create a solid relationship with them
  4. Once you have correctly accomplished point 3, choose the person which is better for you considering his attitude and mentality
  5. Ask him to become your mentor
  6. If the answer is “yes”, enjoy your mentor! If it is “no”, don’t get demoralized and start again

Suggested book:

Final recommendations

This was Day 16 of the Financial Freedom Challenge. This step will probably take you a lot of time, but if you correctly complete you will have a great advantage in the future. If you have any questions about this challenge, write a comment and I’ll be glad to answer you 🙂

Do you already have a mentor? Do you think it could be useful for you? Share in the comments your opinion. 🙂

Come back tomorrow for Day 17. I’ll be here for you! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Share this challenge on your social media: this will keep you motivated during the path, trust me 🙂 If you want direct contact (answers, discussions, doubts, advice…) with me and with other participants of the challenge, join our Telegram groups (ENG Group, ITA Group).

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