FF Challenge – Day 23: Keep Building New Skills

Welcome to Day 23 of the Financial Freedom Challenge! Yesterday I gave you a hard task, forgive me. But considering that the ultimate reward is Financial Freedom I think that at least a little effort must be made. Today we’re going to work on our skills. Are you ready?

FF Challenge - Day 23: Keep Building New Skills

What’s today’s task?

As I said above today we work on our skills. In particular, I want you to understand the importance of continuously improving them. Note that I’m talking about a specific skill. I’m talking about your skills whatever they are.

Surely you have one or more skills and I strongly suggest you develop them throughout your life and not abandon them on the way.

It’s extremely important because our skills are part of us and allow us to differentiate ourselves.

In addition, you should also keep building new skills. Nowadays the Internet provides us countless ways to learn a new skill.

For instance, I love learning new skills on platforms like Skillshare or uDemy, on which you can find tons of awesome online courses that you can take during your free time as I do. These are 2 awesome platforms, trust me. I’m using Skillshare all summer and I’m still loving its contents. On platforms like these, you can improve your current skills or learn new ones. In any case, they’re really suggested to you!

If you register on Skillshare from this link you will benefit of 2 FREE Premium months in which you can test the platform. Try it out!

Learning even one new skill per year would be an incredible achievement. Insert it in your yearly goals now!

A brief summary of today’s task of the Financial Freedom Challenge

  1. Never stop improving your skills
  2. Find the time to learn new skills

My experience

There are many skills that I would like to. In particular, in this period I’m focusing on improving my blogging skills because I really want to improve this blog. I’m sure that I still have a lot to learn and I intend to commit myself!

Final recommendations

This was Day 23 of the Financial Freedom Challenge. Keep improving skills and learning new ones should be something done by everyone. So do it!

If you have any questions about this challenge, write a comment and I’ll be glad to answer you 🙂

Besides share in the comments your opinion about this step. Are you already improving our current skills? Are you already building new skills? Tell me in the comments!

Come back tomorrow for Day 24. I’ll be here for you! Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Share this challenge on your social media: this will keep you motivated during the path, trust me 🙂 If you want direct contact with me (answers, discussions, doubts, advice…) and the other participants, join our Telegram groups (ENG Group, ITA Group).

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