FinanceShot is Joining the Million Dollar Club!

What is the Million Dollar Club?

A few days ago I came across the website It’s one of the most famous blogs about personal finance and it’s full of incredible contents. Moreover I found out that it has a page dedicated to the Million Dollar Club, a club created for bloggers who aim to achieve the goal “1 Million of Net Worth” and are sharing their journey online.

Well, I’m exactly that. That’s why I decided to join the Club!

You can find the complete list of the participants. They’re more than 200 at the moment, and I hope to be part of the Club as soon as possible. It would be an huge honor for me!

My Millionaire To-Do List

J. Money at requests that new participants write their To-Do List to become millionaire. I wrote down my To-Do List and now I’m going to share it with you!

#1 – I will keep a Monthly Budget

As I wrote some days ago in the article dedicated to budgeting (open it to download my Monthly Budget spreadsheet for free) I truly believe that starting to budget as soon as possible is essential for all those who want to take control of their financial situation. That’s why I always suggest to start budgeting as first thing in order to achieve Financial Freedom.

My goal is to always keep in future a Monthly Budget. That’s the only way to clearly understand where my money comes from and where it goes.

#2 – I will regularly find ways to increase my income

Another one crucial step to Financial Freedom is constantly increasing the number of our cash flow sources. My intention for the future is to regularly look for new income sources. By doing so I can better diversify my income.

#3 – I will track my Net Worth once a month

Net Worth is a very important value to track. It is the difference between our assets and our liabilities. Tracking it is essential in order to understand if we’re heading to wealth or not.

My intention is to start tracking my Net Worth in the next months. I think I’ll dedicate an article per month to this topic and also a dedicated page to track it over the years. I hope it can be interesting for you!

#4 – I will pay more attention to my expenses and purchases

Spending less is one another crucial step to Financial Freedom. In future I would like to pay more attention while I’m buying something in order to understand If I really need what I’m buying. The main goal is to better spend my money.

#5 – I will continue blogging

Finally, one goal strictly related to the blog. I really would like to continue blogging in the next years because I really like to share my journey to Financial Freedom with you. I always hope to be inspirational for you and my biggest dream is to achieve Financial Freedom all together!

I created an infographic to recap my Millionaire To-Do List, so you can have a clearer idea of my goals for the future.

My Millionaire To-Do List

I hope you like this post! If yes, feel free to share it wherever you want. Thanks! I also thank J. Money for giving me the opportunity to be part of this incredible Club!

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6 Replies to “FinanceShot is Joining the Million Dollar Club!”

  1. Hi Domenco,
    Great concise list. Don’t forget to come back to it each year to make sure your on track (or update with future goals).
    When do you think you will reach the million?

    1. Hi Matt! Thank you πŸ™‚ I will surely trace everything several times a year. My goal is to reach one million within 10 years, when I’ll be 35 years old.


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