Housers Promotion: 25 Eur Bonus if You Start Investing

Hi guys!

This is just a brief post to let you know about a new promotion made by Housers, one of the investing site that I use.

As you probably know, Housers permit us to finance real estate projects based in Spain and Italy. There are different kind of projects available on the site: Saving, Investment and Fixed Rate.

Saving – Long term investments (5 to 10 years) with monthly interests. Earn a monthly rental share proportional to your investment. Furthermore, the value of your investment is re-evaluated with the property.

Investment – Participative loans (12 to 24 months) without monthly interests. When the property is sold, within the established term, you will be returned the capital loaned and you will receivce a share of the capital gains proportional to your investment.

Fixed Rate – Medium-term fixed-rate loans 12- 36 months. Monthly return from the first month. The interest rate does not depend on rents but is agreed with the real estate development company. The capital is returned at the end of the period.

In this post I would like to share with you the promotion that Housers proposes this month. The site reached 100000 users and decided to launch an incredible promotion: if a new investor register himself through my link, after the first investment he will soon receive 25 Eur to invest in a project. If you’re interested, register from the link below.

Link to register and obtain 25 Eur Bonus: LINK

Thank you and see you soon!


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