Housers Promotion: 50 EUR for you

If you have intention to start investing on Housers, I have a great news for you. Indeed, the platform launched a very interesting promotion for this month (until May 31, 2019).

What is Housers?

Housers is a spanish Real Estate Crowdfunding platform that I use since the beginning of 2018. It is the first Real Estate Crowdfunding platform in which I’ve invested and I never had a problem using it. The return is a little bit lower compared to other platforms that I use but keeping in mind the importance of diversification Housers is a great opportunity.

If you want to read my complete review (with my performances) of Housers, check it out on the dedicated page. Remember that a condition to be a Housers user is to be resident in one of the european countries.

As you can read in my review in 2018 I obtained a return of 3,10%, for an average of about 0,26% per month. Consider that I started to invest on Housers in April, and that I financed one project that do not pays monthly interests. Also keep in mind that Housers acts as tax substitute, with the spanish tax rate (19%).

Register on Housers now and receive a bonus of 50 EUR

At the moment my investment on Housers constitutes almost 9% of My Investment Portfolio.

The Housers promotion: Bonus of 50 EUR for you after your first investment

I decided to write this article because Housers launched an incredible promotion for who wants to start investing on the platform.

Let’s talk about the promotion. If you’re not registered yet, you will receive 50 EUR as a bonus after your registration and your first investment of at least 50 EUR (which is the minimum investment per project).

This means that if you register (for the first time) from my affiliate link and invest at least 50 EUR, you will receive 50 EUR. If you correctly complete these steps, we’ll both receive 50 EUR.

It’s very simple. This Housers promotion is a great opportunity to start creating a monthly passive income, that is my main financial goals as you probably know.

The promotion will be active until the end of the month (May, 31).

Finally, I leave the link for the registration:

Register on Housers now and receive a bonus of 50 EUR

If you have any questions about the promotion or the platform, I’ll glad to answer you.

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Attention! Remember that your capital is at risk!


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