How I’m Making Passive Income in 2019

Today I want to share with how I’m making Passive Income in 2019. As you probably know it’s very important to diversify our investments in order to reduce the risk of our Investment Portfolio. Moreover we all should have as many income sources as possible.

In this article I will list all my Income sources so you can have an idea of how I’m making Passive Income and how I’m planning to do it in the future.

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My Passive Income sources

#1. P2P Lending

As you probably know I’m investing in P2P Lending since 2017. I started with ViaInvest and then I added Mintos. After this, I added more platforms because my intention was to diversify my P2P Lending Portfolio. I’m currently investing on 7 P2P Lending platforms and every month I receive an interest on my invested capital.

  • ViaInvest – My first platform. It allows investors to invest in loans from 5 different countries (Sweden, Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia and Poland). My monthly average return 2018 / 2019: 0,77% / 0,83%. Return is not so high but I’m fond of this platform.
  • Mintos – In my opinion the best european P2P Lending platform. On Mintos we can invest on loans from more than 30 countries and using 12 different currencies. During 2019 they launched an incredible instrument called Mintos Invest&Access that allows investors to invest with just one click and to cash out whenever they want. If you’re new to the P2P Lending world, my advice is to start from this platform. My monthly average return 2018 / 2019: 0,94% / 0,95%.
  • Grupeer – This is my second favourite platform. Grupeer allows investors to invest on different types of loans (Loan Deals and Development Projects) in 14 countries. It offers a great return and loans are rarely late. My monthly average return 2018 / 2019: 1,07% / 1,10%.
  • RoboCash – RoboCash had been one of my my best performing P2P Lending platform in 2018, with a monthly average return of 1,02%. In 2019 it’s repeating the same performance (1% per month).
  • Lenndy – I started to use this platform in March 2019, so I can’t give you a thorough opinion regarding it. I can say that returns are quite volatile but the average is not bad (0,88% per month).
  • Swaper – Swaper is one of the platforms that I decided to try at the beginning of 2019. I read many positive comments about this platform and I have to confirm them even if the return is not so high (0,82% per month).
  • FastInvest – I started to use this platform together with Swaper, and I like it far more than the other. The monthly average return is pretty good (0,98% per month) and the website is very clear and well performing.

These are the P2P Lending platforms that I’m currently investing on. By clicking on the name of a platform you’ll open the related review where you can find also my performances month by month. For the moment I’m not planning to try new platforms.

#2. Real Estate Crowdfunding

  • EstateGuru – This is my favourite platform in this category and the first one I invested in. Even if the return is not so high I really like it for many reasons: huge number of projects available, Auto-Invest function, clarity of the loans information. It’s possible to finance projects in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. My monthly average return 2018 / 2019: 0,80% / 0,89%.
  • Envestio – At the moment this is my best performing platform (1,38% per month). I started to use it in February and I really like it and the projects that it is possible to finance. Envestio is recommended for those who want to increase the return on their portfolio.
  • Housers – This is a Spanish platform and I’m using it since April 2018. The return is very low (about 0,3% per month) but there are many projects in different countries (Spain, Portugal, Italy). I’m investing on it in order to geographically diversify my portfolio.
  • Bulkestate – I financed only 1 project through this platform and I will receive all the interests in February 2020, so for the moment actually this is not a Passive Income source.

These are the Real Estate crowdfunding platforms that I’m currently investing on. By clicking on the name of a platform you’ll open the related review where you can find also my performances month by month. For the moment I’m not planning to try new platforms.

#3. eToro

eToro is a social trading platoform. On eToro you can earn in two different ways: by doing trading in first person or by copy-trading other traders. Considering that I don’t have the skills to trade in first person I’m using it to earn by copy-trading. I’m currently copying two traders: kela-Leo and OlivierDanvel. I invested 500 EUR, about 10% of my Investment Portfolio.

If you want to start to use this platform, check out my Complete Guide to eToro.

I started to use it in April and for the moment I’m not getting great result. But my time horizon for this investment is long term so not a big problem.

#4. Oval

Oval is the new entry of my Investment Portfolio. It’s an app that allows us to combine two fundamentals functions for those who have the objective of achieving Financial Freedom. The first is saving more money, the second is investing that money.

Its main function is the first: you connect one of your debit/credit cards and every time you make a purchase the app automatically round up the figure and automatically saves the difference. Once you’ve saved enough money you can decide to invest that money in some thematized funds. There are 7 different funds and I chose one dedicated to the Race for Space and one to Creative Thinking.

I’ve invested 110 EUR on this app. I’m still at the beginning of my adventure on Oval, I’ll let you know more about its performances in the next months. If you decide to try it, use the code DCQYB2KU to receive 5 EUR bonus.

#5. Amazon Associates

This is nothing new. As you probably know I love reading books and I often writen about books I loved on this blog. When I write about them I insert an Amazon link, in case a reader wants to buy a book. Every time that this happens (very few times for the moment) I earn a commission from Amazon, while for the buyer nothing change. Same price.

For the moment I’m still earning very few EUR from this method. I hope to increase it in future.

#6. TargetCircle

TargetCircle is a platform that allows publishers to earn money from affiliate commissions. I use it to offer you subscriptions (sometimes with a bonus) to the P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding platforms that I use. You can check my past earnings in the Passive Income Reports that I posted on this blog. It is a good way to make some Passive Income.

#7. Blogging

When I opened this blog I never thought I could earn a little money from it. A year and a half later I’m generating an income also through this blog. Just to be clear, for the moment it is a very little income, but it is better than nothing. Actually I know that this is not a proper Passive Income.

#8. Hyip

Finally the most dangerous category. As I always write in my Passive Income Reports I’m currently investing also on two so-called Hyip, which are investing platform with a very high risk (and in most cases they are Ponzi schemes). So I will never suggest you to invest on these platforms, because of their risk, but to be completely transparent with you I need to say that I’m using them. I have active investments on DiversityFund and SolidTradeBank. If you decide to invest on them be careful and invest a sum that you can afford to lose.

Projects for the Future

I absolutely don’t want to stop here. My intention is to constantly add new Income sources and I’m working hard on this goal.

In particular these are the sources I would like to add:

#1 – ETFs: I’m saving money to start investing on ETFs. I created an account on DeGiro and I expect to start within the year. I already decided what will be my strategy and I’ll share it with you in a dedicated post, so stay tuned.

#2 – Start Ups: I create an account on Crowdcube. It’s a crowdfunding platforms that allows start ups to raise equity. The good thing is that the minimum investment is just £10 per start up. My intention is to finance up to 10 start ups per month.


That’s all guys. These are my current Passive Income sources and the ones I hope to add soon. I tried to be completely transparent with you and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Feel free to share this post on your social medias and remember to subscribe to the blog to receive my contents directly on your email 🙂

Have a good day!

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4 Replies to “How I’m Making Passive Income in 2019”

  1. Hi Domenico,
    It’s great to see such diversified income streams coming in!
    Once you start getting a lot more views, you can generate some income from advertisements as well
    You could also look at income streams from platforms such as Agrikaab – they provide services (food, water, supplies) to people in Aftica.
    Are you also thinking about things like dividend investing as well?
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks Matt! I’m working hard to increase blog views, I hope to achieve this objective 🙂 I’ve already take a look at Agrikaab. It seems interesting, maybe in future I’ll try it out. Finally I’m saving money to start investing in ETFs (some with dividends). Hope to see you there again! 🙂

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