How To Invest Your First $500

Today I would like to try to write a kind of post which I consider very useful. As you can read in the title, I will give you some advice on how to invest your first $500.

I will suggest you 2 way to invest that amount of money. Remember that these are just suggestions. You always have to use your own brain before investing. Always.

Let’s start with my suggestions.

P2P Lending

As you could imagine, my first suggestion is to invest in the P2P lending world. If you are a reader of my blog, you surely know that I have already invested on more than 10 P2P platforms.

From investing on P2P platforms, you should expect an annual interest that goes from 8% to 15% and more (on platform like Envestio, for example).

You can find many information about this particular investment on this blog; just take a minute to read one or two of my passive income report so you can have an idea of how these platforms works.

Now I want to suggest you some of my preferite platforms:

  • Mintos is, in my opinion, the most functional P2P platform. It always provide available loans and an hue liquidity on the secondary market. I’ve been using Mintos for more than one year and I’m totally satisfied. I’m obtaining an annual interest rate equal to 11.86%. (If you register from the link, you will receive a bonus on your investment).
  • FastInvest is one of the latest platforms which I invested in but from the beginning I appreciated it a lot for its functionality and ease of use. On FastInvest the investor earn an interest rate that is approximately about 12-13% per year.
  • Envestio allows the investor to invest money on business activities related to oil, mining and so on. Envestio offer higher interests. Infact we can find projects offering from 15% to more than 17%.
  • EstateGuru instead allows the investor to invest on real estate projects based in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Here the interest rate goes from 9% to a maximum of 11%. (If you register from the link, you will receive a bonus on your investment).

My advice is to invest the money on at least 2 different platforms, in order to minimize the risk.

CopyTrading on eToro

eToro is one the online leader in the market trading of forex, commodities, indexes and so on.

The aspect that we’re intested in is the CopyTrading function, that allow the investor to select one or more traders to copy and he will receivce a passive income, and the copied trader will receice a commission based on the investor’s investment.

So, even a person that has zero knowledge in the trading world can earn, thanks to this function, from the trading market on eToro.

Now I suggest you 3 traders that I appreciate, but it’s important that you take your own decision regard to which traders to choose. You have to choose traders that have a risk tolerance similar to yours.

  • FabianMarco – His statistics are very good: 20% of return in 2017 and almost 39% in 2018. In 2019 he have already earned 6.7% on the investment. These are absolutely great results!
  • JBinvest – This trader is less risky than FabianMarco and is more suitable fro investor that have a low risk tolerance. Howewer, he obtained very good results (7% in 2017 and 17% in 2018).
  • jianchengxu – She is a girl and she trades on eToro from 2018. Durin the last year she obtained a 15.4% return on the investment, and from the beginning of 2019 a return of almost 7%. As JBinvest, she has a low risk tolerance.

Always keep in mind that for unexperiences traders this is a good opportunity to earn money from the trading market, but there is always the risk of losing part of your own investment, because there is no certainty in this world.


For the moment these are the suggestions that I like to share with you. In both case, $500 are enough to start earning a little amount of money. You will not became rich by investing $500 on P2P lending or copytrading on eToro but I think that are two nice and easy way to start investing for people who do not have enough time to do more complex investments.

Do you already use one of these platforms? Let me know in the comments, I’ll be very pleased!

Moreover, if you have any question, write in the comments and I’ll try to answer as soon as I can. See you soon guys!


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