I started investing in eToro

Hi guys!

If you have recently read the page My Investment Portfolio maybe you already know that I started to invest on eToro. eToro is a social trading and multi-asset brokerage company that allows investors to trade on the market or to copy other traders.

I made a payment of 500 EUR and the platform exchanged them in dollars, giving me 557,70$. Money has arrived on my balance yesterday and I soon decided to copy two different traders. Honestly, I chose these two traders many days ago, but I had to wait the money.

My Portfolio

I insert a picture of my portfolio as it appears at the beginning of the adventure. As you can see, I chose to copy OlivierDanvel and kela-Leo, with 307.70$ and 250$ respectively. I decided to invest on them because their average risk score is not too high (1 and 3 respectively) and, for the moment, I want to test the platform while copying traders with a low risk score. Maybe in future, if I add more capital, I’ll copy riskier traders.

My eToro Portfolio

These are the results one day after the begininng of my adventure on eToro, so they are not explanatory at all. I recognize that maybe these sums are not too good to follow these traders. I read on their profile that the suggested amount of money is 500$ each, but they also say that 200 or 250$ are enough to copy all their transactions. Moreover I really like diversification, so I believe this is the best solution for me. Putting all the money on just one trader would be dangerous.

One important aspect that I kept in consideration while I was choosing who to follow were the assets traded.

OlivierDanvel trades only currencies. kela-Leo trades mostly currencies (65%) and commodities (34%).

I made this choice to be protected in case of recession during the year. By not dealing with stocks, their operations and returns should be less affected by a bearish market.

My expected annual return, after checking their historical return, is 12-15% for OlivierDanvel and 8-12% for kela-Leo.

Market Portfolios

Remember that on eToro you can also trade singular stocks or Market Portfolios. Market Portfolios are portfolios builded by eToro with a specific theme. You can choose between a portfolio dedicated to cryptocurrencies, to renewable energy and many more. Keep in mind that the minimum investment on this kind of portfolios is 5000$.

Market Portfolios

I’ll keep you monthly updated about my portfolio’s performance and I’ll also post the monthly performance on the My Investment Portfolio page. I think that for the moment that’s all guys. If you want to know more about eToro, let me know in the comments!

See you soon!


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