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Finally FinanceShot has landed on Telegram!

As you probably know some time ago I opened the Italian group of FinanceShot on Telegram. My idea was to create a financial community with the goal of creating day by day a stable passive income.

The ultimate goal is to become financial independent all together. I think that we still have a lot of to learn, and this journey if done together will certainly be easier and more enjoyable.

So I created the groups to discuss about all the topics covered by the blog: P2P Lending, Real Estate crowdfunding, stocks, trading, books and so on.

If you’re interested and you want to deepen these arguments, for sure you’ll find the groups very interesting.

At the moment the Italian group counts almost 100 members. We talk everyday about super interesting topics. My aim is to make the English group equally useful.

That’s why I created also the English version.

Moreover I’ll present to the users of the group interesting books, podcasts, websites and other important sources of financial information.

I will also share promotions related to the investment opportunities I use.

You can find the Italian group here: Italian Telegram group

You can find the English group here: English Telegram group


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