Join the 31 Days Financial Freedom Challenge!

Hello guys! Today is a big day for me, you know? I’m going to present you my biggest project ever and I’m very tense. So get ready because starting from next Monday (on September 30th) there will be 31 very hectic days here on Finance Shot.

Today I want to present you my latest (and biggest) project ever:

The 31 Days Financial Freedom Challenge.

31 Days Financial Freedom Challenge

What is the “31 Days Financial Freedom Challenge”?

I have been interested in the world of Personal Finance for several years now, and I know that it can be seen as a boring or complicated topic.

With this project, I would like to create an easy to follow path to direct our life once and for all towards Financial Freedom. If you’ve already read the page that I wrote about this particular topic you may know that in my opinion there are 5 steps to complete to achieve Financial Freedom. But I understand that reading that page and put into practice what is written there are two completely different things.

That’s why I decided to create this “challenge”. It will consist of 31 sub-challenges posted on this blog. Starting from the next Monday I’ll post an article a day for consecutive 31 days. Each day will consist of a different step and you’ll need to work on your financial life and mindset that are the two main aspects to work on to achieve Financial Freedom.

I didn’t find anything similar on the Web so I decided to create the first 31 Days Financial Freedom Challenge. Obviously, it’s completely FREE!

Why you should take the Financial Freedom Challenge?

Whether we like it or not, the economic aspect has a huge impact on our life. It can have a positive impact or a negative impact, and it’s your decision. Which one do you prefer for your life?

If your answer is for the positive impact, you should take care of your finances as soon as possible. And you should take this challenge! I really suggest you to do it.

The point is that taking care of our finances in the right way takes time and it not the easiest job in the world.

But if you’ll follow day by day this challenge and you will do what I say you can quickly learn the basics of Personal Finance to begin your path to Financial Freedom easily and in a little time.

Some recommendations for you

There are no real rules of course. Just some recommendations that I suggest you to follow.

  • If you decide to start the challenge, make sure you complete it. This challenge can completely revolutionize your life if done right, trust me!
  • Complete the challenge in maximum two months. One month is better of course, but I understand that some steps could require more than one day to be accomplished. If you can’t complete the challenge in this period of time, don’t worry. The most important thing is to complete it.
  • Complete the steps in the right order.
  • I’ll try to create a challenge valid for all the countries of my readers (they come from all over the world!), but sometimes you’ll need to adapt my suggestions to your country.
  • Share your path with your friends and family. This will help you to stay motivated every day.
  • If you have any questions about the challenge, feel free to leave a comment on the related article or contact me whenever you want.

One more thing: I’m not going to teach you how to become rich. I just want to teach you how to take control of your financial life.

I really hope you like this project. I’m sure that if you will correctly follow the challenge day by day your life will improve more than you can think.

So come back on Monday 30th September and be ready to take your financial life to another level!

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Join the Financial Freedom Challenge and Take Control of Your Financial Life!

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