Mintos Invest&Access – 6 Months Update

Good morning guys and welcome to the 6 months update of my Mintos Invest&Access Portfolio! I would like to write an update every 3 months for the moment, so you can find out how this instrument is will work over time.

I talked a lot about this fantastic instrument in the past when Mintos launched. I wrote a complete guide to this particular instrument. Check it out to understand how it works and how you can start investing in it.

Obviously, I’m still using it and today I’ll share with you my performance after these first 6 months.


As I said many times, I’ve been using Mintos Invest&Access for 6 months. I started my adventure with the minimum capital required, 500 EUR and for the moment I’m still investing that sum of money in this instrument.

First of all, let’s have a look at the overview of my Invest&Access Portfolio, as it looks today:

As you can see the I&A is currently investing 506.90 EUR, and I got a return of 13.44 EUR in my first 6 months. Before doing the math, I would like to say that in the first weeks I received few interests. There could be many reasons for this, but the important thing is that in the last weeks the returns are being more and more stable and I believe it will be like this in the next months.

Portfolio details

Now that we took a look at the overview of my I&A Portfolio, it’s time to go more in the details.

In the image below you can see all the important numbers about my Portfolio. In particular, I would like you to focus on two numbers: Average interest rate and Average term.

These two numbers say us how much we can expect to earn and the average duration of the loans we financed through our I&A Portfolio.

In my case, the average interest rate is 10.33% per year and the average term is 19 months and 24 days. It would be useful to compare my numbers with yours, in case you’re using this instrument.

We should also notice that at the moment more than 26% of the loans in my Portfolio are late (therefore I can’t cash out them). This number is a little bit too high, also compared with the number of my 3-months update. In that case, I had only 15.55% of late loans.

Besides in the previous update, I had a higher average interest rate (12.67%). I expected this because in the last months interest rates on Mintos had decreased a little. However, it seems that they’re already increasing again. In any case, I hope that the average interest rate of my I&A Portfolio will always be more than 10%.

Composition of my Invest&Access Portfolio

Another important aspect to consider is the composition of the Portfolio. It is important to check if our Portfolio is well-diversified among the loan originators available on Mintos.

In my case, I think my Portfolio is very well-diversified ad you can see in the image below.

Mogo, which is the loan originator with the highest percentage in my Portfolio, is not even 14% of the Portfolio itself. Mogo is followed by Akulaku and ID Finance.

I general, I could say that I’m satisfied about how Mintos I&A is diversifying my investment.

Comparing this composition with the previous one we see that they’re pretty similar. We just had some changes in the loan originators in the first positions, but this is not important. The most important thing is its diversification in my opinion.


Overall I could say that I’m satisfied with how my I&A Portfolio is performing over time. An annual return of 10.33% is still very good even if I would like a little increase in it.

It would be useful to compare numbers and performances of different Portfolios, so if you’re using the I&A instrument I invite you to share your numbers in the comments.

To conclude, I would like to give you some interesting suggestions.

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