Mintos Invest&Access Update

More than one month ago I wrote a post about the new instrument released by Mintos, the Invest&Access function. Today I want to give you an update about my Mintos Invest&Access Portfolio.

If you still don’t know Mintos, you can find here its complete review.

Just to make a brief recap: in the previous article about this topic, I explained my setup for the Mintos Invest&Access instrument. I decided to try this function with a Portfolio Target equal to the minimum amount (500 EUR).

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Current situation

As you can see in the image below at the moment I have 313.17 EUR invested on this instrument and a total profit of 0.91 EUR. I still not have reached 500 EUR because my main balance is mostly invested in long-term loan, so it is not available for now.

Moreover I also insert a screen with some interesting data. For instance, you can see the current average interest rate of my Invest&Access portfolio (12,67%, that is a quite good interest rate), the average term of the loans (16 months) and the percentage of current and late loans. At the moment almost 16% of the loans are late. This last percentage is a little bit volatile: its range goes from 10% to 20%.

Register on Mintos and start earning up to 12% per year

You can also see the main loan originators of my portfolio. The most present are Mogo, ID Finance and Varks which added up constitute about the 35% of the whole Invest&Access Portfolio. Then we find the minor loan originators.

If you’re using Mintos Invest&Access you can compare your performance with mine. How is your portfolio performing? Let me know in the comments! I think that comparing our performance can be useful for all of us.

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