My 19 Goals for 2020

Good morning guys! As you probably know in 2019 I shared with you all my Financial Goals and I dedicated them an article every beginning of a new month. This year I want to do the same thing. But I don’t want to share only the Financial Goals, but all my 19 Goals for 2020!

I divided them into 4 main categories, just to have a clearer view of them.

Are you ready to check out my Goals for 2020? Let’s go!

Social Media Goals

#1 – Get 1000 followers on Instagram

Some months ago I opened the official Instagram account of this blog. I share on it interesting content: my new posts, podcasts, books, and more. By the end of 2020, I will have 1000 followers on the Instagram account of FinanceShot.

#2 – Get 1000 followers on Twitter

Probably you don’t know that FinanceShot has also a Twitter account. At the moment it has 241 followers. By the end of 2020, I will have 1000 followers on the FinanceShot Twitter account.

#3 – Get 200 followers on Facebook

Facebook had been the first Social Media that I used for the blog, but the page still has only 63 likes. By the end of 2020, I will have 200 like on the Facebook page.

#4 – Get 100 followers on Pinterest or 15k monthly readers

Finally, the Pinterest account. I think that Pinterest is a great platform and I really would like to use it more. I read that for many bloggers Pinterest is the main traffic source. For me, it’s not at all, but I want to increase its numbers. By the end of 2020, I will have 100 followers on Pinterest or 15k monthly readers.

#5 – Open a Youtube channel and/or a podcast

This is a very ambitious goal. For some time now I have been thinking about opening a Youtube channel and/or a podcast and I want to complete this step in 2020.

Personal Goals

#6 – Learn Spanish and improve my English

Knowing more than language is quite essential nowadays. I’m currently taking a Master’s Degree completely held in English, but I still have to work a lot on my grammar and speaking skills. In 2020 I intend to improve these skills and bring my English to another level.

In addition, I want to study a little bit of Spanish. It’s similar to Italian so not too difficult for me, I hope. Getting a Spanish certificate would be awesome, so let’s say that this is the goal for 2020.

#7 – Travel once out of Europe

In recent years I have traveled a lot but only within Europe. In 2020 I want to travel outside Europe at least once. My dream is to do a road trip in the US. Amazing, isn’t it?

#8 – Read 5 books in English

Last year I read some books in English, and in 2020 I want to continue this tradition. I’m currently reading “The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America“, so this will be the first English book of 2020. By the way, I really recommend it!

#9 – Listen to 15 audiobooks

In addition to the 5 English books, I want to listen to at least 15 audiobooks. At the beginning of the year, I subscribed to Audible, the Amazon service for audiobooks. I’m studying in Rome at the moment, and I spend almost one hour and a half on the bus every day. This is a great time to listen to an audiobook. I’ve already listened to one audiobook this year. I’m talking about “La luce della saggezza” by Dalai Lama.

#10 – Train 3 times a week

Unfortunately, I spend a lot of time sitting and this is not exactly the best for my body. This is why I intend to train at least 3 times a week all year long.

Financial Goals

#11 – Add 3 Cash Flow sources

I already have many Cash Flow sources, but I still want to increase their number. By the end of 2020, I will add 3 Cash Flow sources to my Portfolio. I talked about my current sources in this article.

#12 – Build an emergency fund of 1k€

I talked about this important step also in the Financial Freedom Challenge. You can check out the dedicated article here. In reality, I already have a sort of emergency fund, but in 2020 I want to better organize my bank accounts and completely dedicate my new Buddybank account to the emergency fund. At the moment I have 40€ on it, that is the bonus that they gave me when I opened the account.

#13 – Investment Portfolio at 30k€

Another ambitious goal, but goals need to be like this. By the end of 2020, I will have an Investment Portfolio of at least 30k€. At the moment it’s about 8k€, as you can see in the Investment Portfolio page.

#14 – Increase Net Worth by 25%

I had this goal also in 2019, and I want to have this goal in the next years too. Net Worth is an essential measure and you should track it as I do. In addition, this year I’ll track it every month, and I think that I will also dedicate a new page to this topic.

Some important articles about Net Worth:

#15 – Earn 5k€ of Passive Income

In one of the latest posts, I wrote that in 2019 I earned a Passive Income of 3035,79€. Not a bad result! But in 2020 I need to do better, and the new goal is 5k€ of Passive Income.

#16 – P2P Lending under 30% of the Investment Portfolio

At the moment my Investment Portfolio is not well diversified. In 2020 one of my main goals is to reduce the incidence of P2P Lending on my portfolio. The goal is to reduce it under 30%. At the moment it is 85% of the portfolio. When I’ll start to add ETFs to it, it will be surely more diversified.

Other Goals

#17 – Give a completely new style to the blog

I’ve been using this blog theme for too long and I think it’s time to give a new graphic look to FinanceShot. I’m already working on it but choosing a new theme is not easy at all.

#18 – Create 3 courses for uDemy and similar

Creating some short and basic courses about productivity and personal finance is one of the things that I want to accomplish in 2020. I’m a fan of platforms like Skillshare and uDemy, and I really would like to create some interesting content for them. This will require time but I want to do it.

#19 – Sell 100 copies of the Financial Freedom Challenge ebook

As you probably know some months ago I published my first ebook on Amazon. I’m talking about the Financial Freedom Challenge ebook. It’s the official ebook of the Financial Freedom Challenge, the challenge that I created to help people move towards Financial Freedom. You can buy it on Amazon for less than 4€, so why haven’t you already bought it? 🙂

That’s all guys! These are my 19 Goals for 2020. There is a lot to work on this year, but I’m ready to climb over every obstacle to reach the final goal!

I’m really interested in your Goals, so if you want share them with us.

In addition, if you have any questions about this article feel free to write a comment. I’ll be pleased to answer all of them 🙂

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Have a good day, and a happy 2020!


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