My 2019 Financial Goals – January Update

January has passed so fast…incredible!

Today I want to write about the progress of my financial goals. I talked about them in a previous post, go read it if you have not read it yet!

I’m pretty satisfied about this first month of 2019: as I wrote in my Passive Income Report, I achieved very good (for me) earnings during this month.

Check out my progress!

My Financial Goals

#1 – Reach a 7500 EUR P2P lending portfolio (Progress: 20% – Added 800 EUR out of 4050 EUR)

At the moment, I reached a 4250 EUR portfolio, thanks to my new investments on Envestio, FastInvest and Swaper.

During February I would like to invest 200 or 300 EUR, but I’m still thinks about where to invest.

#2 – Earn 1000 EUR of passive income (Progress: 9,7%)

I January I earned 96.97 EUR of Passive Income. I’m on the good way to earn, during 2019, at least 1000 EUR. I believe that I can achieve this goal.

#3 – Have 10 different firms in my stock dividend portfolio (Progress: 0%)

In january I did not buy stocks, because I decided to invest all my money on P2P platforms. In February I’ll try to find 1 or 2 stocks to buy. Do you have any advices? Let me know in the comments!

#4 – 15 different cash flow sources (Progress: 33% – Added 3 cash flow sources out of 9)

In January, as I said before, I added 3 new cash flow sources, that are Envestio, FastInvest and Swaper. I still need 6 new cash flow sources in order to achieve this goal. I need to work hard on this goal.

#5 – Read 5 financial books (Progress: 0%)

In  January I read 2 books (Nudge; Improving decisions about Health, Wealth and Happiness and “Il Generale), but neither one of the two is properly a financial book.

Nudge is a very interesting book and easy to read. It truly teach how we can improve our making-decision ability, and I think that it’s a book that everyone should read. You can buy it for a little amount of cash on Amazon.

Buy Nudge from Amazon US (Link) or Amazon IT (Link).

#6 – Increase my Net Worth by 20%

My intention is to update this goal every 3 month, because updating it month by month is a little bit useless.


I’m satisfied about my Financial Goals progress. For sure I could work more on them but it’s still January and we have a lot of time to improve ourselves.

That’s all guys! What do you think about my progress? Let me know in the comments!


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