My 2019 Financial Goals – June Update

Here we are for the June Update of my Financial Goals!

The sixth month of 2019 is over and as you probably know at the beginning of the month I like sharing with you the progress of my Financial Goals. If you want to read the May update, you can find it here. I suggest you to read the previous updates in order to understand my progress in each goal.

If you’ve read my last Passive Income Report you may know that June had been my best month ever. Actually, my best month ever from this point of view. I earned the incredible amount (as always, for me) of more than 600 EUR of Passive Income.

But now, check out my Financial Goals progress!

#1 – Reach a 7500 EUR P2P lending portfolio 

4100 / 7500 (54.67%)

In June I did not invest money on P2P Lending or Real Estate crowdfunding platforms. I’m still saving money for my first investment on ETFs. For the moment I limit myself to reinvesting the earnings.

My P2P lending portfolio is still stable at 4100 EUR. You can check the composition of my portoflio whenever you want on the page My Investment Portfolio. Howewer I still want to achieve this goal and I’ll try to work on it in the next months.

#2 – Earn 1000 EUR of Passive Income 

1356.67 / 1000 (135.67%)

Thanks to the commissions that I received during June, I achieved this goal within half of the year. Absolutely unbelievable! In June I earned 647,68 EUR of Passive Income. If I add them to the previous total I obtain the incredible (for me) amount of 1356,67 EUR of Passive Income in the first six months of 2019.

At the beginning of the year I would never imagine I could achieve this goal so quickly. Next year I need to remember to set this goal a little bit higher.

#3 – Have 10 different firms in my stock dividend portfolio 

2 / 10 (20.00%)

The same as previous months. No new stocks in my portfolio (and no dividends). Sorry guys!

I’m still obsessed with ETFs, and when I have an obsession I can’t see anything else. In the next days I’ll start to inform about them in order to find 2 or 3 ETFs suited to my needs.

If you have any advices about which ETFs I should buy, let me know in the comments! I always appreciate your interaction.

#4 – 15 different cash flow sources 

11 / 15 (73.33%)

The latest sources I added were eToro and Lenndy in March. From them on I’m stable with the same sources. My thought is always the same: I think that before trying new platforms I should increase the balance of my current platforms. In July I want to save money to invest in ETFs, although I believe I need 2 or 3 more months to save enough money to start. Meanwhile I would like to increase a little bit my Mintos and Grupeer balances.

#5 – Read 5 financial books

2 / 5 (40.00%)

During June I read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. I could say that it’s a spiritual book not a financial one, indeed I do not count it for this goal.

It’a a very interesting book because its main goal is to explain the importance of Now, the moment you’re living right now. You should concentrate only on it.

To Buy the Book: Amazon IT [13 EUR]  (Link)  –  Amazon US [$13] (Link)

Now I’m currently reading “Principles: Life and Work” by Ray Dalio, the founder of Bridgewater Associates. He explains the principles that he follows in his life, and I think that can extremely useful to read a book like this.

To Buy the Book: Amazon IT [25 EUR]  (Link)  –  Amazon US [$18] (Link)

I still don’t know if I should count this book for this goal. We’ll see in the next update.

#6 – Increase my Net Worth by 20%

13.92 / 20 (69.60%)

I’m on the right track to achieve this goal. In the March update I wrote that after the first 3 months of 2019 my Net Worth grew by 8.35%. After 3 more months (April, May and June) my Net Worth has grown 5,14% more, for a total growth in 2019 of 13,92%.

This is the June progress of my Financial Goals.

Finally, a list of useful things:

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How are your financial goals going? Are you satisfied about their progress? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. My goal for this year is to double my net worth. It isn’t going great so far, we about about 25% of the way though the goal and 50% through the year! I will really have to step it up!


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