My 6 Favourite Financial Blogs

Before opening the blog I was used to reading many financial blogs (and I still read them today obviously). Today I’ll tell you my 6 Favourite Financial Blogs.

I believe it is always useful to read different opinions on a topic before making an opinion. For instance that’s why I always read many reviews and posts on a platform before deciding to invest on it.

#1 – by Eelis Vatanen

Eelis created an incredible website and every time I open its site I find something new and extremely useful. He reviewed 9 P2P Lending platforms (some of them also reviewed by me, like Mintos, RoboCash, Grupeer and Envestio but also some platforms that I don’t use, like Agrikaab and Trine).

But he also worked on a pair of useful instruments: FIRE Calculator and Wealth Comparison. The first instrument will help you to compute how many years you need to retire and the second to compute your Net Worth and its evolution in the next years.

#2 – by Chelsea Fagan

TheFinancialDiet is very famous and needs no introduction. On this blog you can read a huge number of articles about money, career, college, living and travel. We can learn a lot by reading this blog, or by following its Youtube channel (more than 700K subscribers).

Check out some of their most interesting posts:

This blog is very inspirational and I suggest you to open and read it at least 1 or 2 times a week. You’ll not regret!

#3 – by Joe Udo

retireby40 is recommended for all those who want to achieve Financial Freedom. Joe writes many interesting articles about Passive Income and Investing money in a smart way. Joe retired from his engineering career at 38.

I really like its Financial Update because they’re very clear and always inspiration for me. Bu he also writes super interesting posts about how and when we can retire from our career. Check out its blog! 🙂

#4 –

moneyunder30 is a sort of encyclopedia on money and how to manage it. On this website you can find countless tips about credit card, home, car and so on. It is very interesting because you can learn many ways to save money and I always read useful things whenever I open it.

Check out some of their most interesting posts:

#5 – by Bobby Hoyt

Bobbt Hoyt teaches millennials how to make more money, save more money and pay off debt. The ultimate goal is living a better financial life.

Its website is awesome and I really love it! It’s full of extremely inspiring articles and you can find out countless useful ideas to improve your financial life.

Check out some of its most interesting posts:

Bobby is at another level, make sure to check out its website!

#6 – by Jorgen Wolf

Finally one of the blogs that I read more often and with more pleasure. I have been constantly following financiallyfree for over a year now and it’s the first blog that I read every beginning of the month.

It is very clear and useful: you can find many reviews, its portfolio (that is huge!) and also more interesting information about its saving rate and its journey in the Real Estate world.

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