My EstateGuru Performance Report – 15 Months After

15 months have passed since my first investment on EstateGuru. Today I want to talk about my EstateGuru Performance after these first 15 months, my current situation and my opinion about this platform.

First of all, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, read my full review of EstateGuru. On the dedicated page you can find all the information you need to start earning on EstateGuru.

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I made my first deposit on EstateGuru during March 2018.


EstateGuru is a Real Estate crowdfunding platform born in Estonia. EstateGuru is pretty famous as platforms like Mintos and Grupeer, which I reviewed some days ago.

First of all, check out the overview of my account:

Here you can see my current situation.

I have a balance of 1046.58 EUR. Remember that I deposited 900 EUR on EstateGuru. The total profit is 146.58 EUR (+16,29%). 28.14 EUR of these profits comes from the Referral Campaign that is always activated on the platform. You can find the promotion in the Cashback and Bonus page. So the real interest income is 118,44 EUR (+13,16%).

Register on EstateGuru and start earning up to 12% per year

Resume of my first 15 months on EstateGuru:

  • Monthly Average Profit (Interest): +0,88%
  • Annualized Profit (Interest): +10,53%
  • Monthly Average Profit (Interest + Referral): +1,09%
  • Annualized Profit (Interest + Referral): +13,03%

In 2018 on EstateGuru I had a return of 8,03% counting that I started to invest in March and in 2019 I’m having an average monthly return of 0,98%.

In addition, I post a screen of the Key Statistics of my EstateGuru account:

As you can see, my portfolio is well diversified among countries and loan type.

If you want to examine my exact monthly performance, check out the page dedicated to EstateGuru.

Current strategy

I also want to share with you the current strategy of my EstateGuru account, just to be completely transparent with you.

I’m currently using the Auto-Invest function, because it’s very efficient, and this is my setup:

Loans available on the platform are NOT covered by the Buyback Guarantee protection.

Register on EstateGuru and start earning up to 12% per year

This is my strategy, and for sure it’s not the best strategy. Set up the Auto-Invest function according to your financial goals and risk tolerance.


In conclusion, these are my EstateGuru performance after 15 months from my first investment on it.

Just in one case I had a late loan for many days (more than 30) but finally they repaid me the principal plus the interests. At the moment I have two late loans (4-15 days). Howewer late loans are part of the game, and the important thing is that in more than one year I have not still lost money on EstateGuru. Its performance are pretty good.

Its performance are stable, as you can check by reading my monthly performance on EstateGuru.

Register on EstateGuru and start earning up to 12% per year

Are you already using EstateGuru? If yes, are you happy with it? Let me know in the comments!

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