My eToro Performance – 3 Months After

As you probably know, I’m currently investing almost 10% of my Investment Portfolio on eToro, a social trading community. Today I want to share with you the performances of my first 3 months on eToro.

What is eToro?

eToro is a social trading community that allows you to trade in first person (if you have the knowledge and experience to do it) or to make copy-trading, that is what I’m currently doing.

I wrote an article when I started to invest on eToro and a complete guide to the platform. Moreover some time ago I had the opportunity to interview a trader that works on eToro, Joe Milazzo.

Doing copy-trading means copying other traders. You just have to choose one or more traders to copy and the platform will do all the rest.

I started to invest on eToro in April with a deposit of 500 EUR. My intention was to copy at least 2 traders, just to have a little diversification in my Portfolio. I chose to copy OlivierDanvel and kela-Leo.

I chose them because they have a low risk profile (OlivierDanvel has a risk profile of 2 out of 10 and kela-Leo a risk profile of 3 out of 10) and they had quite stable performances in the previous months. Moreover they do not trade cryptocoins, but just commodities and currencies.

My Portfolio performances

For this first experience on eToro I decided to not risk too much in order to have time to understand how the platform works. Maybe in future I’ll add more money on my balance to copy new traders or I’ll change the Portfolio by using the same amount of money.

In the image below you can easily check the monthly performances of my first 3 months on eToro:

eToro Performance

As you can see that after 3 months I’m practically at the starting point. I knew that with a such low risk profile profit would be low, but this is not a great result at all.

OlivierDanvel had good performances (+0,12% in April, +1,52% in May, +0,69% in June). Indeed kela-Leo had no good performances at all (-0,07% in April, +0,05% in May, -3,40% in June). So they balanced the Portfolio and the total profit is close to 0.

For the moment I think to keep this Portfolio. After the next report I’ll think about what to do in order to try to increase its performances. I know that trading is a long-term oriented activity, so judging a trader after just 3 months have no sense.

Are you using eToro? What do you think about this platform?

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2 Replies to “My eToro Performance – 3 Months After”

  1. Ciao Domenico,
    anch’io ho appena iniziato l’attività di copy-trading su eToro e, come te, ho deciso di copiare Olivier Danvel perchè è profittevole, pur con un profilo di rischio basso (usa una leva tra 5 e 20 sul forex) e opera solo su valute e materie prime (asset sulle quali non sono presente nei miei investimenti abituali).
    Volevo solo avvisarti che, come consiglia lui stesso nel suo profilo, è indicato copiarlo con minimo $ 500 per avere il 100% delle sue prestazioni.


    1. Ciao! Grazie mille per il commento e in bocca al lupo per la tua avventura 🙂 Ho letto le sue indicazioni, ma volendo comunque cominciare con 500 euro in totale e volendo diversificare ho dovuto procedere così. In futuro magari aggiungerò altro denaro per raggiungere i fatidici $500 🙂


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