My eToro Performance – 6 Months After

Good morning guys! Here we are for my second report about my eToro performance. I’m currently investing 10% of my Investment Portfolio on eToro, a social trading community. Today I want to share with you the performances of my first 6 months on eToro.

What is eToro?

eToro is a social trading community that allows you to trade in first person (if you have the knowledge and experience to do it) or to make copy-trading, that is what I’m currently doing.

I wrote many articles. I suggest you to check them out. First of all, I wrote a complete guide to the platform, in which I explain how it works and how you can start using it. Then I had the opportunity to interview an eToro trader, Joe Milazzo. He shared with us many important secrets about trading and its activity on the platform. Finally, 3 months ago I wrote my first eToro performance report.

For the moment I’m just doing copy-trading. It means that I’m automatically copying the operations made by other traders. I just decided to copy two traders (you can see them in the image below) to copy and the platform is doing all the rest.

I started to invest in eToro in April with a deposit of 500 EUR (about $555 after the change). Since the first day I’m copying 2 traders, just to have a little diversification in my Portfolio: OlivierDanvel and kela-Leo, as you can see in the image below.

I chose them because they have a low-risk profile (OlivierDanvel has a risk profile of 2 out of 10 and kela-Leo a risk profile of 3 out of 10) and they had quite stable performances in the previous months. Moreover, they do not trade crypto coins, but just commodities and currencies.

My Portfolio performances

You may have noticed that my eToro portfolio is not risky. Indeed its volatility is low and also the related return. Maybe in future I’ll add more money on my balance to copy new traders or I’ll change the Portfolio by using the same amount of money but for the moment I’m happy about its composition and I’ll keep it at least until next update.

In the image below you can easily check the monthly performances of my first 6 months on eToro:

As you can see that in the first 6 months I obtained a return of 1,39%. It means an average monthly return of 0,23%. Not exactly what I expected from there are some aspects to consider.

I’m in a “recovery period” because kela-Leo had some negative months and now he is returning to the right path. At a certain point, he was negative more than 5%. OlivierDanvel is more consistent and I really suggest you to follow him if your profile risk is similar to mine.

OlivierDanvel is having good performances: +0,12% in April, +1,52% in May, +0,69% in June, +0,22 in July, +2,12% in August, +0,70% in September. Conversely kela-Leo is not having good performances: -0,07% in April, +0,05% in May, -3,40% in June, -3,69 in July, +1,21% in August, +1,47% in September.

For the moment I think to keep this Portfolio. My time horizon for this investment is very long-term, so I do not want to rush things. In the previous report, I said that I would decide today if I could make any changes to the portfolio. I intend to keep the same portfolio for at least 3 months more then we’ll see what to do.

Finally in the image below you can see my current situation. At the moment on my Account Balance I have $562.98, with a profit of $7.72.

Are you using eToro? What do you think about this platform?

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