My Grupeer Performance Report (8 months later)

In this post I would like to talk about my investment on Grupeer and its performance 8 months later.

I started my adventure on Grupeer on 6 February 2018. My first investment was 150 EUR. Then I added 100 EUR in April. Finally I added 200 EUR at the beginning of October, as you problably know if you read my previous posts.

So my total investment in Grupeer is 450 EUR. Today on the account I have 495.64 EUR.

In the image below you can see my earnings for these 8 months: 20.04 EUR are interests and 25.60 EUR are referral income and cashback. I really believe in this project, that’s why I’m advising to invest on Grupeer.

grupeer report

Considering just the interest income, my earnings are about 4.45% of the total investment. That correspond to a monthly return of 0,56% and to an annually return of 6,68%. To be honest, I expected an higher return.

Instead, considering my overall earnings, the return until now is 10,14% of my total investment. Monthly is a 1,27% return and annually is a 15,21% return.

So, considering my total earnings it is not a bad return at all. In the future I’ll keep on to advice Grupeer to my friends and to you because I think it is a very weel organized and managed project. And for sure I’ll increase my investment on it.

If you want to try it, I would be very grateful if you register from my referral link.

If you have questions about Grupeer, feel free to ask me in the comments!


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