My Housers Performance Report – 15 Months After

I started to invest in Housers during April 2018. This means that 15 months have passed since my first investment and today I want to talk about my Housers Performance after these first 15 months, my current situation and my opinion about this platform.

First of all, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, read my full review of Housers. On the dedicated page you can find all the information you need to start earning on Housers.

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I’ve invested 450 EUR on this platform. The total profit at the end of June was 23.30 EUR.


Housers is a Real Estate crowdfunding platform based in Spain. It allows us to invest on Real Estate projects with an annual interest rate up to 10%. It is active in Spain, Italy and Portugal with many projects.

First of all, check out the overview of my account:

Account Overview

This amount (874.36 EUR) includes also the earnings of July and the Referral Commissions that I received during the last months (300 EUR) thanks to the Referral campaign that the platform launched two months ago. I will do my calculations using the profit at the end of June (23.30 EUR). The remaining part of the profit are Referral Commissions.

Register on Housers and start earning up to 10% per year

I have a balance of 874.36 EUR. Remember that I deposited 450 EUR on Housers. The total profit, at the end of June, was 23.30 EUR (+5,18%).

Evolution Of Assets

In the image above you can see the evolution of my account in the previous months. In June I received the commissions for the Referral campaign and my balance had a big growth. You can also see the Total Income (32.55 EUR) that is different from the profit I wrote before because Housers acts as tax substitute, and 23.30 EUR is the total profit after tax and fees.

Resume of my first 15 months on Housers:

  • Monthly Average Profit: +0,35%
  • Annualized Profit: +4,14%

Housers is my worst performing platform if we keep in consideration the monthly average profit calculated before. But we also have to keep in consideration that this is the only platform that I use that acts as tax substitute, so the average profit would be, if we do not consider the taxes and fees effect, something like 0,45% per month.

We also have to remember that I’ve invested in a project (called Iriarte) that pays all the interest at the end of the loan.

If you want to examine my exact monthly performance, check out the page dedicated to Housers.

Current strategy

I also want to share with you the current strategy of my Housers account, just to be completely transparent with you.

Active Investments

This is my current situation. Here you can see the projects I’m investing on (5 active investments, 1 project still in the funding phase).

On Housers is not available the Auto-Invest function. This means that the investor have to personally invest on every single project. This is not a big problem thanks to the fact that we will have to invest in a limited number of projects.

Register on Housers and start earning up to 10% per year

There are always loans available on Housers, therefore the lack of Auto-Invest function is not a big problem.


In conclusion, these are my Housers performance after 15 months from my first investment on it. I still continue to use this platform but it has some points to improve.

In my opinion they should choose loans better because I had 2 late loans out of 5. This is a too big percentage.

They also should improve the communication with investors.

In any case, its performance are pretty stable, as you can check by reading my monthly performance on Housers.

Are you already using Housers? If yes, are you happy with it? Let me know in the comments!

Register on Housers and start earning up to 10% per year

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