My Investment Portfolio


Investment Portfolio Composition

Latest Update: 2 October 2019

This is the actual composition of my Investment Portfolio. I keep in consideration the P2P lending platforms I’ve invested in, the Real Estate crowdfunding platforms I’ve invested in, two online investing platforms (SolidTradeBank and DiversityFund), the stocks that I own CSCO (5 shares), eToro and Oval. I update this graph whenever I make a deposit or a withdraw. (Currency is EUR) (Move the mouse over the graph to find out the precise values)

My Investment Portfolio

Total Investment Portfolio: 4990,00 EUR

Investment TypeNameAmountLast Month Return2019 Return
P2PMintos800 EUR1.08%8.68%
P2PViaInvest200 EUR0.89%7.54%
P2PRoboCash150 EUR0.77%8.81%
P2PLenndy250 EUR0.78%5.18%
P2PGrupeer450 EUR1.18%10.01%
P2PFastInvest300 EUR1.12%8.98%
P2PSwaper200 EUR0.82%7.35%
Real EstateEstateGuru900 EUR0.70%7.78%
Real EstateHousers450 EUR0.30%2.34%
Real EstateBulkestate100 EUR0.00%0.00%
Real EstateEnvestio300 EUR1.49%11.13%
TradingeToro500 EUR1.07%0.61%
StockCSCO230 EUR5.58%19.16%
InvestingOval110 EUR1.80%1.80%

I want to keep track of my Cumulative Deposit, Cumulative Investment Portfolio and Cumulative Passive Income so you can always stay updated on my journey to Financial Freedom. I update this graph every new beginning of the month. (Move the mouse over the graph to find out the precise values)

Key Steps (Principal + Interests):

  • 1000 EUR: February 2018
  • 2000 EUR: March 2018
  • 3000 EUR: June 2018
  • 4000 EUR: December 2018
  • 5000 EUR: January 2019
  • 6000 EUR: May 2019
  • 7000 EUR: September 2019 (Goal: October 2019)
  • 8000 EUR: ??? (Goal: February 2019)
  • 10000 EUR: ??? (Goal: April 2019)

2018 Performance Recap

  • Total portfolio return: +9,42%
  • Average monthly return: +0,79%
  • Best platform: RoboCash (+11,71%)
  • Worst platform: Housers (+3,32%)

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