My Other Goals for 2018

In the previous posts I talked about my financial, travel and self-development goals. I also have “other” goals for this year.

Let’s see my other goals!

  1. Do the passport   –   In progress (This is an easy goal, but I still have to achieve it. I have to do it because in the next month I would like to travel outside Europe)
  2. Upload 50 photos on Shutterstock   –   In progress [1/50] (I love photography, and I want to participate in the Shutterstock community this year)
  3. No alcohol for 1 month   –   In progress (I think I’m gonna try this in the month of September, for my birthday)
  4. Try motocross   –   In progress (This is a thing I truly want to try. I’ll try to reach this goal and the next one this summer)
  5. Drive a supercar   –   In progress
  6. Color my hair in white (again)   –   In progress (I already had my hair white last year, and I want them again. I think I’m gonna reach this goal next week)
  7. Write an ebook to upload on Amazon   –   In progress (This goal is not easy beacuse of time. To write an ebook needs time, and now I don’t have it)
  8. Create a calm space in my place   –   In progress (I’m gonna work on this goal in this month. Now that I have the Kindle I really need a calm space to read in peace)

This post conclude my “goals article series”. In the next month, I’ll write just one post a month for all my goals, so they’ll be more clear.

Let me know in the comments about your goals for 2018!


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