My P2P Lending Portfolio – June 2018

Here we are for the first post on FinanceShot!

I started investing money in december 2017. I study Economics so this is my field of study. I really like this topic and before opening this blog I visited many similar sites. I think that sharing personal investing experience could be extremely useful.

That’s why today I’m starting this new finance blog: to share my experience month by month with you.

I would like to start this new adventure from illustrating the composition of my P2P lending portfolio.

At the moment I invested in 5 different P2P lending sites: Mintos, ViaInvest, Twino, and Grupeer. I’ll talk a lot in future about these sites, so you can decide if invest or not on them.

Like I said, I started to invest 7 month ago. I’m increasing my investment month by month, not proportional between the four sites but depending on their performance.

Mintos is giving me a better performance, that’s why I invested more money on it.

Let’s see a chart illustrating my P2P lending portfolio, as it was at the end of May.


As you can see, Mintos makes up about half of my portfolio (36%). I know that at the moment it’s not well balanced and I’m working on it.

I really like Grupeer, and I think I’ll increase my balance as soon as possible.

I’m going to invest money on the other 3 sites so the portfolio will be more balanced. I’ll start from investing on Twino (100 EUR), then ViaInvest (150-200 EUR) and finally on (100 EUR).

I’ll keep you well informed about every single change I make on my portfolio.

In the next days I’m going to write a post about my portfolio’s performace during these first seven months. Stay tuned!


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