My Passive Income Report – August 2019

August is gone, so fast, and this means that we’re here for a new Passive Income Report 🙂 August had been a good month, as you’ll see by reading the article.

During August I made some changes to my Investment Portfolio, by adding a new cash flow source. Moreover I saved a little money for my ultimate goal of this year: investing in ETFs. I’m working on it, as you’ll see in the next months.

Read my previous Passive Income Report to find out my latest results before going on with this reading.

But first, let’s check my earnings deriving from P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding platforms:

PlatformsInterestsReferral Total
Grupeer8,41 EUR105,61 EUR114,02 EUR
EstateGuru7,60 EUR2,77 EUR10,37 EUR
Mintos8,95 EUR10,00 EUR18,95 EUR
ViaInvest2,17 EUR20,00 EUR22,17 EUR
Lenndy3,31 EUR 0,00 EUR3,31 EUR
FastInvest3,62 EUR 0,00 EUR3,62 EUR
Swaper1,97 EUR 0,00 EUR1,97 EUR
Housers1,89 EUR0,00 EUR1,89 EUR
Envestio7,64 EUR33,07 EUR40,71 EUR
Twino0,08 EUR 0,00 EUR0,08 EUR
RoboCash1,74 EUR 0,00 EUR1,74 EUR

Total earnings (P2P and Real Estate): 218,83 EUR

Now let’s add my other Passive Income sources:

Platform/SourceEarnings (of which referrals)
Amazon Associates0,00 EUR
Target Circle26,64 EUR
DiversityFund24,00 EUR (4,00 EUR)
SolidTradeBank2,50 EUR (0,00 EUR)
eToro3,65 EUR
Dividends0,00 EUR
Oval0,00 EUR

Total earnings (other passive income sources): 56,79 EUR

Total Passive Income: 275,62 EUR


July had been a month not too positive for me, as you probably know (read the full article: My Passive Income Report – July 2019). Probably because of my vacation and because July is a month of vacation for all my readers I suppose. Instead in August I achieved a result that really makes me happy. It’s absolutely in line with my monthly goal (100 EUR per month) and this a very good thing for me. Howewer I hope to be more consistent in the next months.

Now let’s talk a little bit about the platforms. Remember that in My Investment Portfolio page I post the monthly return and the annual return month by month for each platform. Moreover if you want to deepen your knowledge on a specific platform, you can read the complete review that you find in the P2P Lending and Real Estate Crowdfunding pages.


Mintos’ performance lowered a little bit in August but they’re in line with the annual return that I expect from Mintos (11%). August return (counting only interest income): 0,92%, compared to the previous return of 1,03%. A brief update about Mintos Invest&Access: I started to use it at the beginning of June, and at the moment it made me earn 4,27 EUR, a portfolio of 455 EUR and the 19.6% of the loans are in late with an average interest rate of 11.13%.


In August I obtained a higher monthly return compared to the previous month: 1,08%. My monthly return on Grupeer is always the same, more or less. Moreover during August I received a huge referral commission, as you can see in the table.


In August the return of this platform had been a little lower compared to the previous month. August return (counting only interest income): 0,71%. This month I also received some little referral commissions as you can see in the table above. I still have two late loans (#1225 and #8162). Hope to recover them as soon as possible.


Great month on Envestio for me, thanks to a referral commission. August return (counting only interest income): 1,43%. This is a incredible return and it’s my best performing platform.


I obtained a monthly return of 0,23%. During July I financed two new projects (Future Living Pistrucci and Plaza de la Remonta) and now I’m obviously receiving more interests.


Standard month on Swaper, with a lower return compared to July. August return: 0,93%. I hope to keep the next returns above 1%.


This platform seems very stable and interests are always in time for the moment. August return: 1,13%. Good return. I’m really satisfied about this platform.


As you probably know, during March I withdrew more than 400 EUR from my balance. During August I recovered 0,08 EUR (return of 0,02%).


During August the return of ViaInvest lowered a little bit, reaching a monthly return of 0,77%. Howewer it’s in line with the annual return that I expect for this platform (9-10%).


The monthly return of this platform is very volatile, but it always stays in the range 0,80-1,20%. August return (counting only interest income): 0,97%.

Other Passive Income sources

Earnings from TargetCircle doubled in August, and I’m really happy about this. 26,64 EUR of earnings on this platform in the past month.

Another one empty month on Amazon Associates for me: 0,00 EUR of earnings for this month. I’m still trying to learn how to convert more through this source. During August I worked a lot on the page Resources where I added my favourite books and products (among other things) and I hope you like it.

Talking a little about the two hyips that I use (SolidTradeBank and DiversityFund), they made me earn a total of 26,50 EUR during August. They’re still working really well. I bought 3 more adpacks on DiversityFund and at the moment I have 20 active packs. I withdraw every Friday from SolidTradeBank because it is the day of the week in which I receive the weekly earnings.

On DiversityFund I picked up my initial investment, so even if the platform close I do not lose money. Moreover I withdraw 10 more EUR, so I can say that I’m in profit with this platform. Howewer, never forget that platforms like these can disappear from one day to another. Note that I inserted the referral links above. If you want to invest on them, my advice is to invest a very little amount of money.

During August I received no dividends from my stocks (CSCO). Moreover the CSCO stocks suffered a loss in the value (more than 17%).

Finally my adventure on eToro continues (I started investing in eToro). I have 500 EUR on this platform and in August I earned 3,65 EUR (0,74%). I still have a negative profit on this platform, but as I always say I’m investing for the long-term, so not a big problem.

Portfolio Composition

In August I took the decision to try a new investing platform. Its name is Oval and it’s an app that allows us to save more money (by rouding every purchase and investing the money) and also to invest on some instruments similar to ETFs. I deposited 110 EUR on Oval on the 26 of August. I divided them among two funds: Race for Space and Creative Thinking. Starting from September I’ll insert its performance in my Report.

News & Updates

During August I worked many hours on the blog with the purpose of improving it: I created the page Resources on which you can find all what I like (books, podcasts, apps and so on). Moreover I started to work on a huge project for the blog, which I hope you will like because it is going to take many hours of work.

I also saved some money because I want to start investing on 2 or 3 ETFs within the end of the year. I created an account on DeGiro for its low commissions and I’m studying the platforms and the ETFs in order to clarify my ideas for when it is time to start.

In addition, I entered the Million Dollar Club created by J. Money at I wrote an article about this incredible event. Check it out!

I created the Instagram account for the blog. You can find it here: FinanceShot on Instagram. My intention is to publish a content a day (could be a quiz, a post, an old post, an infographic and so on…). In any case, I suggest you to Follow me to stay always updated on new contents! 🙂

Finally, I really would like to thank you for your presence here on FinanceShot and I really hope you like this kind of content. Have a good day!


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