My Passive Income Report – December 2018 + Dividends Income + New Investment Ideas

Hi everyone! How are you guys?

Here we are again with the Passive Income Report. I hope you like this kind of post!

Let’s briefly go to the important topic!


I made many operations on EstateGuru during the month of December. The platform repaid me two projects earlier than the expected date, so I reinvested the money in two new projects. In december I earned 1 EUR more than November, for a total of 9,09 EUR. My goal for 2019 is to reach a monthly income on EstateGuru of 15 EUR.

In 2018 I earned 76,61 EUR on EstateGuru. Not bad, but we can do better than this!

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Grupeer is still giving me big satisfaction! In December I earned 14,59 EUR, a little bit more than November. At the moment Grupeer is one of my preferite P2P lending platform, and in 2019 I strongly want to increase my balance.

In 2018 I earned 81,72 EUR on Grupeer.

(If you register on Grupeer using my referral link, you make me really happy!)



I have nothing interesting to say about Housers: earnings are always 1,59 per month.

In 2018 I earned 14,94 EUR on Housers. Very bad.

(If you register on Grupeer using my referral link, you make me really happy!)



Mintos is the platform that made me earn more in 2018, for a total of 85,45 EUR. In December I earned 7,85 EUR, that is not so bad, even if it is less than November. In 2019 I want also increase the Mintos‘ balance, because I think that is a really well performing platform.

(If you register on Grupeer using my referral link, you make me really happy!)



Considering my total balance (150 EUR), RoboCash is the platform that gave me the best interest rate (11,71%). In December I earned 1,75 EUR, and in 2018 I earned 17,57 EUR. Very very good! Indeed in 2019 I want to increase a little bit the balance, maybe I’ll add 100 or 150 EUR.



Earnings on Twino have been pretty stable in 2018, and I think this is a good thing. In december I earned 3,71 EUR, and a total income in the past year of 33,21 EUR. The interest rate has been slightly bigger than 8%, that is a good result.



Apart Housers, ViaInvest had the worst interest rate in 2018 (7,68%). I have to think about what to do with this platform. In December I earned 1,75 EUR, and in 2018 15,35 EUR.



In December I earned a total passive income deriving from P2P lending of 40,31 EUR, almost the same amount of November. I am pretty satisfied about the amount that I reached these last few months, but in 2019 I want to try to increase more and more my passive income.

So, in order to make a recap of my 2018 experience in the P2P lending world, now I can say that I earned a total of 324,85 EUR. My goal for 2019 is to more than double this amount (2019 Goal: 720 EUR in P2P Lending Passive Income, or 60 EUR per month).

Moreover, in December I received dividends from CocaCola because I own 5 shares of this company. I know that is a very little result, but in 2019 I want to strongly increase my “dividend portfolio”. In the next days I’ll receive CSCO (Cisco) dividends, I’ll write about them in the next Passive Income Report post.

Last thing: during January I would like to try some new P2P lending platforms, in order to obtain an higher diversification. I’m very interested in Envestio, Crowdestor, FastInvest and Swaper. I’m looking for information about these sites, let me know in the comments if you know or use them!

By clicking on the platform’s name you can read my complete review of the platform itself.

I think I’ve said everything, so…Happy New Year guys!


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