My Passive Income Report – December 2019

Good morning guys! How are you? 😀 2019 is over! How incredible is it?! As far as I am concerned it has flown away 🙁 But it has been an amazing year for the blog and me, so let’s focus on this! This is the December Passive Income Report, the last one of 2019.

In 2020 I want to improve the quality of these reports. I’m thinking about how to do it, but if you have any advice, feel free to share them in the comments! 🙂

In December, I did not modify my Investment Portfolio, as you can check on the dedicated page. But it will be hardly modified in the next weeks when I’ll start to invest in ETFs. I wrote an article about this topic, in which I shared with you the strategy I will follow and the ETFs that I chose. Check out the article: my ETF Investment Strategy.

Last thing before going to the hot topics: I suggest you to also read my previous Passive Income Report and so you can have an idea of how my Passive Income is evolving month by month.

But how much Passive Income did I generate in December?

Earnings from P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding platforms

PlatformsInterests (€)Referral (€)Total (€)
Total (€)56,1841,4797,65

Earnings from my other Passive Income sources

Platform / SourcesEarnings (of which Referral) (€)
Amazon Associates0,00
E-Book Financial Freedom Challenge2,28
Target Circle11,17
DiversityFund76,00 (46,00)
SolidTradeBank7,00 (5,00)
Celsius Network30,72 (30,00)

Total Passive Income: 223,46 EUR

Comments about P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding

In the latest Passive Income Report, I said that I obtained a modest result. This month the final result is even more modest. As you can see in the Income Graphs page the December result is the lowest since July. The reason is simple: I’m receiving fewer commissions, so this is not a problem. The platforms are performing well and this is the most important thing.

As you may have noticed, I stopped adding new P2P or Real Estate platforms to my Portfolio. I’m satisfied with the ones that I’m currently using and there are not new platforms I would like to try for the moment. There are two reasons for this:

Focusing only on the interests on my capital, as you can see this month I earned 56,18€ (last month was 56,96€, -1.4%). However, interests are constantly increasing and I have good sensations about 2020.

if I add the Passive Income generated in December to the previous total, I obtain a result of 3417,33€ of Passive Income. This is the Grand Total of 2019, and I’m totally satisfied with it. At the beginning of the year, I expected a result in the range of 1000€-1500€. You can find my updated results in the dedicated pages: My Investment Portfolio and Income Graphs.

Now let’s analyze, for the last time in 2019, the results of every single platform. Remember that you can find all their reviews in the P2P Lending and Real Estate Crowdfunding pages.


Mintos’ performance increased a little in December, reaching a monthly interest of 0,87% (was 0,81% in November). Some Loan Originators are having some problems in the latest months, but thanks to my strategy I don’t have any defaulted loan in my Portfolio. My 2019 Final return is 11,28%.


Grupeer’s performance is being quite stable in the latest months. Indeed in December I got a return of 0,94% (was 0,96% in November). Grupeer is one of my favorite platforms and I intend to let it work through 2020. My 2019 Final return is 12,83%.


December has been a modest month for me on EstateGuru. December return was 0,66%, compared to 0,82% of November. At the end of the year, my 2019 Final return is 10,20%.

In my portfolio I currently have 14 projects, including one defaulted loan (#8162). I still have in the portfolio the defaulted loan (#8162). I have no news about this loan since November 15. The last message says: ” The borrower is dealing with preparations for the sale of the collateral asset”. I do not know what to expect from this loan, but in any case, I’ll keep you updated.


Another great month on Envestio, with a monthly return of 1,45%. This is my best performing platform and the riskiest of course. High interests such as these are characterized by high risk, but for the moment the platform is working really well and interests are always on time. My 2019 Final return is 15,64%.


Almost the same monthly return that I obtained in November. This time the return is 0,33%. The projects I financed are paying their interests, but I hope 2020 will be better than in 2019. My 2019 Final return is 3,29%. Housers is my worst performing platform, even if we need to take into consideration the fact that they act as tax substitutes.


Swaper is a rather anonymous platform, but it works well for the moment. In 2019 it granted me a good return, comparable to the EstateGuru’s one. In December the return had been 0,91% (was 0,97% in November). My 2019 Final return is 10,26%.


FastInvest always performs really well. In December I got a return of 1,30% (was 1,30% in November). As many bloggers say, FastInvest has just one big issue: transparency. I hope that in 2020 they will work on this aspect because the rest is really all well done. My 2019 Final return is 12,96%.


I withdrew all my Twino balance some months ago. At the moment I only have two defaulted loans that pay me 0,07/0,08€ per month.


Another good increase in ViaInvest’s performance: 0,90% compared to 0,86% obtained in November. With this last excellent result, I have reached an annual interest of 10,01%.


RoboCash’s monthly return is back to over 1%. In December I got a return of 1,01% (was 0,93% last month). I expect such volatility from this platform because it’s one of its characteristics. My 2019 Final return is 12,03%.

Finally, a chart that summarizes my Passive Income from the beginning of the year to the present, month by month:

Comments about my other Passive Income sources

The first other Passive Income source I would like to talk about is TargetCircle, the affiliation platform that I use. In December I got decent earnings from this platform, but this year I want to increase them.

December had been a zero-month on Amazon Associates. I got a good number of clicks on my Amazon links, but zero commissions. So much work to do here!

As you probably know, some days ago I published my first e-book on Amazon. In December it has been read by many readers, and I received a little commission for this.

The two HYIPs that I use (SolidTradeBank and DiversityFund) made me earn a total of 83,00€ in November. They’re performing really well and I still trust them.

At the moment I have 30 active packs on DiversityFund (20x$25 packs and 10x$50 packs). As you probably know I’m weekly withdrawing my balance on SolidTradeBank.

Now let’s talk about eToro, the trading platform I’m currently using to copy trade two traders (OlivierDanvel and kela-Leo). December (exactly as November) had been a neutral month: the first trader gained 0,23%, while the second lost (again) 0,43%. In total, I earned 0,31€ on my deposit of 500€ (about $555 at the moment of my deposit) due to the fact that I have a bigger balance invested in OlivierDanvel. Now I’m up of 1,95% since my deposit.

Then a brief update about Oval, an application that I use to invest part of my savings. At the moment I have a balance of 150,51€. In December this investment caused me a loss of 1,31€. The total return is now -0,84%.

Finally, the latest platform that I added to my Investment Portfolio. I’m talking about Celsius Network, a platform that I use to invest part of my crypto coins. In December I got earnings for 30,71€ (30€ are referral commissions). I really like it, and it’s perfect for crypto newbies 🙂

Portfolio Composition

No changes in the month of December. Celsius Network is still the last platform that I added. It allows us to earn interests on our crypto coins. In order to earn interests, you just have to deposit on the platform some crypto coins. The good thing is that you can withdraw your balance in every moment, it is not bound in any way. So I decided to deposit some of the BTC that I own (more or less 240$). From now on, every Monday I’ll receive an annual interest rate (distributed every Monday) of 3.20% on my BTC Balance. The interest rate varies from coin to coin and they vary, they are not constant over time.

I suggest you to check their website page in which they talk about all the rates. I deposited such sum because there is a $10 Bonus (in BTC) when you deposit at least $200 in crypto after your subscription to the platform. This is the link you can subscribe from to receive the bonus. Starting from the next Passive Income Report I’ll insert this platform in the report. As you can see in the image below, I already received my bonus:

News & Updates

I’m still working on the Italian version of the Financial Freedom Challenge e-book. As you probably know on Amazon is already available the English version, that you can find it here. It’s taking me more time than expected, but I’ll publish it. This is a promise!

I intend to start investing in ETFs this month. I’ll give updates on this topic on the blog and on our social media, so stay tuned! I talked about my ETF Investment Strategy in a dedicated post. I divided my initial capital into 4 tranches, and the first will be in December. I don’t write here again the 5 ETFs that I chose. if you’re interested in this topic, check out the article 🙂

Finally, some months ago I created an Instagram account for the blog. I’m pretty happy about how it’s evolving, and I’m trying to publish a post a day. It has almost 300 followers, that was the goal that I set for 2019. So please, follow me also on Instagram!

I hope you liked this new Report, and stay tuned for the next one! 😀

Remember to subscribe to the blog if you want to receive my content directly on your mail 🙂

Happy New Year guys!


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