My Passive Income Report – February 2019 (My best month ever!)

Hi guys! Here we are for the second Passive Income Report of 2019. February has been a great month, I’m pretty satisfied. I obtained my first earning from TargetCircle, but we’ll talk more about this at the end of the article.

Let’s follow the usual framework, starting from the income that I earned from the P2P lending platforms.


This is my first entire month on Envestio, and everything is going very well. I received all the interestes that I expected and also a commission from the registration of a referral, as you can see from the image below. In total, I earned 14,16 EUR. Considering only the interest income, I got a monthly return of 1.39%. Not bad!



Great month on EstateGuru! I earned 14,39 EUR (0,25 EUR are referral income). One of the projects that did not pay monthly interest has reached the maturity, so I received all the intereste related to the project during February. Subtracting the referral income, I got a monthly return equal to almost 1.60%.



I’m very satisfied about the performance of FastInvest. I know that I’ve been using it from just one and a half months but I really like it. In February it make me earned 3,09 EUR, for a monthly return of 1.03%. I’m pretty sure that I’ll increase my investment on this platform.



Grupeer is, at the moment, my favourite platform, for its functionality and ease of use. In February I earned 6,75 EUR of interest income (1,5% of my investment) and 50,76 EUR of referral income, because people is increasingly trusting this beautiful platform.



Housers proposed an interesting promotion after reaching 100000 active users on the platform. The promotion consist in a bonus of 25 EUR for the new investors if they register through a referral link. Howewer, in February I earned the typical 1,59 EUR that I always earn on this platform.



During the month of February I made some adjustements on my Mintos‘ account. I sold some late loans and I changed a little bit my Auto-Invest function. I earned a total of 8,09 EUR on interest income (1,01% on my investment).



Robocash is performing really well, but I can’t decide if increase my balance or not, because of the limitated liquidity available on the platform. In February I earned 2,20 EUR, that means a monthly return of 1,46% on my investment.



I did not find a clear income statement on Swaper. Next month I’ll try to find it, if it exists. This is a relatively new platform in my portfolio, and I’m still trying to understand how it really works. In February I earned 1,24 EUR (0,62% of my investment). For the moment, this is not a good result, let’s see if the next months it will get better.



My performance on Twino are pretty stable. Earnings are always in the range 3-4 EUR. Infact, in February I earned 3,50 EUR (0,88% of return on my investment).



Last but not least, we have ViaInvest, the first platform that I invested in in 2017. I’m still using it, and in February I earned 1,91 EUR (0,96% on my investment).


As I said before, this month we have a new platform, even though it’s not a P2P platform. I’m talking about TargetCircle, that I used to advertise the P2P sites in which I invested. During the last month, I received two commissions on TargetCircle, for a total of 15 EUR.

Recap & Conclusions

Are you curious about my total passive income earned in February?

Well, the computation is very easy. The total passive income is 107,68 EUR counting the P2P lending platforms, and 122,68 EUR if we also add earnings from TargetCircle.

I’m absolutely satisfied about this performance, and I truly hope I can keep them stable in the long term (but I’m sure that we’ll be very hard!).

This is the first time that I reach my goal of obtaining 100 EUR of passive income in a single month.

About the future, I’m deciding where to invest more money. I would like to try copy trading on eToro but maybe I can wait a better moment to start investing on it, because of the market performance. Maybe I should increase the balance of some of my P2P platforms but it’s always hard to choose among them.


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