My Passive Income Report – February 2020

Good morning guys! The second month of the new year is gone, and today it’s time for my Passive Income Report of February 2020 😀 In February I started to work as a Financial Analyst so I had very little time for the blog. That’s why the Report is late, but the good news is that now it’s here!

During the last month, I did not modify my Investment Portfolio too much, as you can check on the dedicated page. I would like to remember you that in February I made my first investment in ETFs. I wrote an article about this particular topic, in which I shared with you the strategy I will follow and the ETFs that I chose. Check out the article: my ETF Investment Strategy.

I suggest you to also read my previous Passive Income Report so you can have an idea of how my Passive Income is evolving.

But how much Passive Income did I generate in February?

Earnings from P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding platforms

PlatformsInterests (€)Referral (€)Total (€)
Total (€)40,2745,6485,91

Earnings from my other Passive Income sources

Platform / SourcesEarnings (of which Referral) (€)
Amazon Associates0,00
E-Book Financial Freedom Challenge1,76
Target Circle5,93
DiversityFund108,00 (68,00)
SolidTradeBank22,00 (25,00)
Celsius Network0,56 (0,00)

Total Passive Income: 213,43 EUR

Comments about P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding

I got a little decrease from January, mainly due to Oval and eToro. Let’s see how they perform next months.

This is what happened in February:

  • I started to work as a Financial Analyst here in Rome. February was my first month and I learned so many things! For the moment I’m working on Financial Plans and Financial Summaries, but in the next weeks, I’ll need to work on many more topics. I had little time for the blog, but I want to dedicate more time to it in the coming weeks and months. You deserve it!
  • Coronavirus caused a collapse in the stock market. I’m waiting for a good moment to proceed with my second ETF Investment tranche.


My strategy for 2020is to mainly invest in ETFs. Indeed I started to increase their % in my Investment Portfolio.

If I add the Passive Income generated in February to the previous total, I obtain a result of 3887,49€ of Passive Income (from November 2017). Remember that you can always find the updated results in the dedicated pages: My Investment Portfolio and Income Graphs.


Back to a normal month for me on Mintos! I got a 1.02% interest in February, perfectly in line with what I expect from this platform. The performance of January (1.60%) was a one-time performance, and it will be very difficult to repeat it.


Grupeer’s performance decreased a little in February. Indeed I obtained a 0.93% return, compared to 0.99% of January. I still like it a lot, and it’s one of my favorite platforms.


In February the return had been 0.80%, slightly lower than January. At the moment  I have 15 loans in my Portfolio and one loan (loan #8162) is still in default. On February 19 the platform communicated to us that they initiated the legal process for collecting the debt.


Here the monthly return is always between 0.25% and 0.35%. In February I obtained almost the same return of January,  0.25% on my capital.


January had been a great month, February was not at its level. I got a return of 0.80%, which is quite good. The platform is still working fine so for the moment I do not touch anything on it.


I withdrew all my Twino balance some months ago. At the moment I only have two defaulted loans that pay me 0,07/0,08€ per month.


Average month for me on ViaInvest (0.77%). I still have some cash drag because there are not available loans. To be honest I don’t like this situation.


January had been a “bad month” with a return of 0.79%. We got back to good results in February. I got an interest of 1.03%. However, I expect such volatility from this platform because it’s one of its characteristics.

Comments about other Passive Income sources

Let’s start from TargetCircle, the affiliation platform that I use to present you interesting bonuses. In February I earned 5,93€ from TargetCircle, far less compared to January.

In February I sold one copy of  my e-book dedicated to the Financial Freedom Challenge. I had very little time to work on the Italian version, but I promise you that I’ll publish it as soon as I can!

The two HYIPs that I use (SolidTradeBank and DiversityFund) made me earn a total of 130,00€ in February. They’re still working fine and I’m continuing to believe in them. I’m positive with both of them so I’m just reinvesting my earnings. I also started to use two new platforms similar to DiversityFund but I don’t want to talk about them here (these platforms are very risky, so pay attention!).

At the moment I have 39 active packs on DiversityFund (20x$25 packs and 19x$50 packs) and I receive almost 10$ on my balance every day.

Now let’s talk about eToro, the trading platform I’m currently using to copy trade two traders (OlivierDanvel and kela-Leo). January had been a very negative month: I got a return of -2,73% on my investment. The same for February, in which I lost 8,26€ (1.67%). The problem is kela-Leo, that in February lost again (4.00% of the investment). Very bad! OlivierDanvel  instead got a positive return (0.26%) but not enough to cover the losses caused by the other trader.

Then a brief update about Oval, an application that I use to invest part of my savings. At the moment I have a balance of 143,53€. In February this investment made me lose 11,81€. The total return is now -7.7%.

Finally, the latest platform that I added to my Investment Portfolio. I’m talking about Celsius Network, a platform that I use to invest part of my crypto coins. In February I got earnings for 0,56€. Interests on my deposited cryptos are always on time and I suggest this platform to crypto newbies 🙂

Portfolio Composition

No changes in February, as I already said. In March I’m planning the second tranche of my ETF Investment Strategy, but I’ll write more about it in the next Passive Income Report.

During this month I also want to reduce the balance of some of the platforms that I’m using, but I still have to think about this.

News & Updates

I’m still working on the Italian version of the Financial Freedom Challenge e-book. As you probably know on Amazon is already available the English version, that you can find it here. It’s taking me more time than expected, but I’ll publish it. This is a promise!

Finally, some months ago I created an Instagram account for the blog. I’m pretty happy about how it’s evolving, and I’m trying to publish a post a day. So please, follow me also on Instagram! In addition, be sure to make part of the biggest italian Telegram group dedicated to P2P lending, P2P Lending Italia.

I hope you liked this new Report, and stay tuned for the next one! 😀

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