My Passive Income Report – January 2019

Hi guys, here we are with the Passive Income Report of January 2019!

During this month, I worked a lot on referring my platforms, and I obtained good results. Moreover, as you probably know, I invested on 3 new platforms (Swaper, FastInvest and Envestio).


I invested on Envestio the second week of the year and I’ll receive the first interests during the month of February.



I’m happy when I earn more than 10 EUR on EstateGuru. As you can see from the image below, in january I earned 10.69 EUR (2.51 EUR are referral income). I’m pretty sure that in the next weeks I’ll increase my EstateGuru balance because the platform is performing really well.



This is my first month on FastInvest and I earned just 0.40 EUR, but I really like the platform and I think I’m gonna write a complete review on it, so…stay tuned!



I had great results on Grupeer in January. As you can see from the image below, I earned 67,61 EUR. I know that a big part of the income derive from referral income but I’m happy because this means that people trust me when I say that Grupeer is a good platform.



Boring…I always earn 1,59 EUR per month on Housers. Always. Every single month.



Mintos is in my top 3 p2p platforms, because it works really well and I never had issues. In January I earned 8,39 EUR, and this monthly return is good in my opinion.



Robocash always give a good % return. In January I earned 1.40 EUR with a deposit of 150 EUR, not so bad! I’m thinking about increasing my balance, but there are not so many available investment opportunities.



I started my adventure on Swaper more or less 3 weeks ago and I have already received my first interests. I think that this is a good starting point. At the beginning I had some problems in investing my money because of the lack of investments, but now the platforms is performing well.



My earnings on Twino are pretty constant. In January I earned 3.37 EUR. This return is a little bit lower compared with other platforms but I like to diversify my investments so I keep on with my Twino activity.



Last, we have ViaInvest. From January 2019 this platforms don’t have the “Withholding Tax” function, so in the next month I’ll have greater returns compared to the 2018 ones. At the end of the day this doesn’t change anything, but I had to say it. In january I earned 2.12 EUR on ViaInvest.


Total Passive Income Earnings – January 2019

January had been a great month for me. I earned a total of 96.06 EUR of passive income deriving from my P2P Lending portfolio. This is my best month ever, and I’m really close to my goal of obtaining a total monthly passive income of 100 EUR.

Moreover I received my first CSCO dividends (0.91 EUR).

Total Passive Income of January 2019: 96.97 EUR.

I know that it will be very difficult for me to obtain this income in the next month, but I promise you that I’ll work hard.

I’m thinking about where invest my money during February. I would like to add more or less 300 EUR to my portfolio.

I have already updated the Income Graphs page, check it out!

As always, I inserted in the post my referral links. You would really do me a big favor if you use them to sign up to the platforms. Thank you 🙂

That’s all, I hope you enjoyed my post. Let me know in the comments your opinion, I’m very curious about it!


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  1. Well done Domenico. I find your report quite interesting. I am already using Envestio, Housers and I would suggest you Crowdestate. I am thinking about joining Mintos. I will let you know. Keep going Giovanni

    1. Thank you! I already know Crowdestate and I’m thinking about investing on it or not. Try Mintos, it’s a really good platform!


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