My Passive Income Report – July 2019

July is gone and I’m late with my Passive Income Report. Sorry guys! As you will read in this Passive Income Report, in July I earned far less that June, but I expected that.

During July I did not make new investments. I finished my summer exam session and my holidays (Denmark and Corse) and now I can completely dedicate myself to the blog and to my Investment Portfolio. I just sold my KO stocks and I’m thinking about selling also the CSCO stocks, because my goal is collecting as much money as possible in order to start investing on ETFs during August or September.

Firstly let’s check my earnings deriving from P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding platforms:

PlatformsInterestsReferral Total
Grupeer7,91 EUR4,51 EUR12,42 EUR
EstateGuru8,01 EUR9,40 EUR17,41 EUR
Mintos9,98 EUR0,00 EUR9,98 EUR
ViaInvest2,28 EUR0,00 EUR2,28 EUR
Lenndy1,83 EUR0,00 EUR1,83 EUR
FastInvest3,64 EUR0,00 EUR3,64 EUR
Swaper2,41 EUR0,00 EUR2,41 EUR
Housers1,06 EUR0,00 EUR1,06 EUR
Envestio6,35 EUR20,00 EUR26,35 EUR
Twino0,16 EUR0,00 EUR0,16 EUR
RoboCash1,85 EUR0,00 EUR1,85 EUR

Total earnings (P2P and Real Estate): 79,39 EUR

Now let’s add the Other Passive Income Sources:

Platform/SourceEarnings (of which referrals)
Amazon Associates0,00 EUR
Target Circle13,12 EUR
DiversityFund35,00 EUR (5,00 EUR)
SolidTradeBank2,30 EUR (0,30 EUR)
eToro-6,90 EUR
Dividends2,09 EUR

Total earnings (other passive income sources): 45,61 EUR

Total Passive Income: 125,00 EUR


After the astonishing result obtained in June (read the full article: My Passive Income Report – June 2019), in July I got back to “normal” levels. Howewer I’m pretty satisfied about the result. I think that 125 EUR of Passive Income in one month is a great result, and it’s in line with my monthly goal (100 EUR per month).

I knew that matching the result of June would have been almost impossible for the moment, but I’ll keep it in mind for the future because that is my ultimate goal!

Now let’s talk a little bit about the platforms. Remember that in My Investment Portfolio page I post the monthly return and the annual return month by month for each platform. Moreover if you want to deepen your knowledge on a specific platform, you can read the complete review that you find in the P2P Lending and Real Estate Crowdfunding pages.


Mintos’ performance has returned to satisfactory levels. July return (counting only interest income): 1,03%, compared to the previous return of 0,88%. The new Mintos Invest&Access instrument is performing really well and for the moment I’m completely satisfied about it.


In July I obtained almost the same monthly return of the previous months: 1,04%. My monthly return on Grupeer is always the same, more or less. As always all interests has been repaid on time and the platform works really well.


In July the return of this platform had been a little higher compared to the previous month. July return (counting only interest income): 0,76%. This month I also received some referral commissions as you can see in the table above. I still have two late loans (#1225 and #8162).


Another great month on Envestio for me! July return (counting only interest income): 1,25%. The return is a little bit lower compared to June, but in any case it is an incredibly good return.


I obtained a monthly return of 0,13%. Very very bad. During July I financed two new projects (Future Living Pistrucci and Plaza de la Remonta) and I’ve already received the first interest from the first one. I hope to increase my return in the future.


Very good month on Swaper, compared to the previous ones. July return: 1,15%. I believe this is my best month ever on this platform.


Everything is OK with this platform. Loans are paid in time. Interests are paid day by day, and I have nothing to report. July return: 1,15%. Good return. I’m really satisfied about this platform.


As you probably know, during March I withdrew more than 400 EUR from my balance. During July I withdrew about 10 EUR from my balance, and I recovered 0,16 EUR (return of 0,04%).


Exactly the same return of June on ViaInvest for me. July return (counting only interest income): 0,82%. The platform works really well and I have nothing to say about it.


The monthly return of this platform is very volatile, but it always stays in the range 0,80-1,20%. July return (counting only interest income): 1,04%

Other Passive Income sources

Earnings from TargetCircle increased in July. I would like to increase my profit on this platform but I don’t know how to do it. In any case I’m happy about the 13,12 EUR of earnings through this platform.

After the negative month on Amazon Associates July had been a completely empty month: 0,00 EUR of earnings for this month. This is also an aspect that I really need to improve. I read and suggest you many interesting books but nobody buys them. Maybe I’m making some mistakes.

Talking a little about the two hyips that I use (SolidTradeBank and DiversityFund), they made me earn a total of 37,30 EUR during July. They’re still working really well. I bought 4 more adpacks on DiversityFund and at the moment I have 17 active packs. I withdraw every Friday from SolidTradeBank because it is the day of the week in which I receive the weekly earnings.

On DiversityFund I picked up my initial investment, so even if the platform close I do not lose money. Moreover I withdraw 10 more EUR, so I can say that I’m in profit with this platform. Howewer, never forget that platforms like these can disappear from one day to another. Note that I inserted the referral links above. If you want to invest on them, my advice is to invest a very little amount of money.

During July I received dividends from my stocks (KO and CSCO) for a total of 2,09 EUR.

Finally my adventure on eToro continues (I started investing in eToro). I have 500 EUR on this platform and in July I lost 6,90 EUR (-1,38%). My adventure on eToro is not going very well. The “problem” is that kela-Leo, one of the two traders that I’m currently copying, is not performing at all. in any case this is not a problem for me because my time horizon for this investment is very long.

Portfolio Composition

The only change occured in July was the sale of my KO stocks as I said before, with a profit of about 10%. I’m also thinking about selling my CSCO stocks. I’m trying to save money because my intention is to invest by the end of 2019 in ETFs. I’ll keep you updated about this new investment.


July had been a good month for me, if we take into consideration I was on vacation for two weeks. August will be dedicated to improvi the blog, deepening my knowledge about ETFs, working on new projects and saving money. Moreover I want to take 2 or 3 courses on SkillShare (Try it for 2 months, FOR FREE!).

In addition if you have any questions, write them in the comments, I always read! I’m very interested in your own experience in the P2P Lending world.

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Enjoy August!


8 Replies to “My Passive Income Report – July 2019”

  1. Hey!
    You are making no mistakes with the Amazon books, it just takes time to get sales through your referral links, don’t give up! NEVER GIVE UP!

    If you would like to increase your sales on Amazon, you should write book reviews 🙂
    Throw in some quotes from the book that you find intriguing.

  2. Thanks for this post, that’s nice to follow other people’s portfolio 🙂
    However, it would be easier and nicer to read if you specified the total amounts before / after investments / interests for each platform. We would get the whole information and it would be better for comparison and I maybe improvement of ours.
    Anyway, keep going 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for your comment! Comments like this are always appreciated 🙂 from the next month I’ll try to insert all the data you talked about!
      Thank you again!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment 🙂 My goal at the beginning of the year was 100 EUR per month but it seems it was an “easy” goal, and I’m really happy about that. Now I could say my goal is 500 EUR per month 🙂


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