My Passive Income Report – June 2018

Like I wrote in the next posts published on this blog, I’m trying to create a monthly passive income of at least (this is my goal) 100 EUR. I started in January when I received 4.08 EUR. In May I earned 27.26 EUR of passive income. How much did I earn in June? Let’s check it out!

As you problably know, I invested on different sites in order to create a diversified portfolio. These sites are: Mintos, ViaInvest, Twino,, Grupeer, EstateGuru and Housers.

So, let’s see my earnings site by site.


In June I earned 8.07 EUR on Mintos, that is more or less the same amount I earned in May. That is a return of 1.24% of the initial investment (650 EUR). Not bad!



Also my ViaInvest earnings are similar to the May ones. In total I earned 1.29 EUR in June. This is 0.64% of the initial investment, exactly half of my Mintos return. Not so good…Sorry, but I don’t have a screen. Forgive me!



On Twino I earned 3.34 EUR, that consist of a 0.84% of the initial investment. Not good as Mintos but always better that ViaInvest. And the site works really well.

robo is the second most profitable P2P lending site I invested in. In June I earned 1.78 EUR, that is a 1.18% return on the initial investment. I like the project and I’ll increase my balance as soon as possible.



On Grupeer I earned 2.94 EUR, a 1.18% return on the initial investment. I’ll also increase this balance, because Grupeer is working really well too.



EstateGuru is my most profitable investment, thanks to my referrals. In June I earned 21.10 EUR, as you can see from the image above. This is a 3% return on my initial investment. Great!



I earned 1.59 EUR on Housers (just 0.35% return of the initial investment). I admit I’m a little bit disappointed by this performance.


The total sum of passive income earnings I received in June is 40.11 EUR, 13 EUR more than April and May. I really like this performance, also if I know that a big part of this sum comes from EstateGuru referrals. But I think I’m on the good way to create a monthly passive income of 100 EUR.

Moreover, I earn money through other types of investments. Let me know in the comments if you want to know more!

If you’re interested in my “financial path” to this goal, follow the blog!


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