My Passive Income Report – March 2019

Hi guys, the month of March is gone and that means a new Passive Income report! March has been a satisfying month for me, in terms of revenues. I also made two new investments, but I’ll talk about it at the end of the article. First of all, let’s check my earnings deriving from P2P lending and Real Estate crowdfunding platforms:

  • Mintos                                18,82 EUR
  • Envestio                             66,55 EUR
  • Housers                              1,59 EUR
  • ViaInvest                            1,59 EUR
  • Twino                                   3,23 EUR
  • EstateGuru                         8,51 EUR
  • Robocash                            1,23 EUR
  • Grupeer                              16,81 EUR
  • FastInvest                           3,29 EUR
  • Swaper                                2,14 EUR

Total earnings (P2P and Real Estate): 123,76 EUR

Now let’s add the other passive income sources:

  • Amazon Associates            7,22 EUR
  • Target Circle                        35,75 EUR
  • DiversityFund                      1,50 EUR
  • SolidTradeBank                   1,00 EUR

Total earnings (other passive income sources): 45,47 EUR

For a total passive income of 168,47 EUR.


Last month I wrote that February was my best month. Now, I can say that March has been my best month ever! (and I hope April will be better). When I started this blog (almost 1 year ago) I said that my goal was to reach a monthly passive income of 100 EUR. Now, less than one year after, I exceeded that goal abundantly, and I’m very happy about this! Howewer I’ll keep working hard to improve my performance.

Let’s talk a little bit about the platforms. Remember that in My Investment Portfolio page I post the monthly return and the annual return month by month for each platform. If you want to deepen your knowledge on a specific platform, you can read the complete review, that you find in the P2P Lending and Real Estate Crowdfunding pages.


Mintos is working really well, as always. March return (counting only interest income): 0,96%. Not bad, in line with previous months, symptom that it is everything okay.


My earnings on Grupeer have dropped a lot if compared with the previous month. This happened because I received less referral income. March return (counting only interest income): 1,12%. Howewer, no big problem for me: I can’t count on stable referral income.


March has been a normal month on EstateGuru. March return (counting only interest income): 0,82%. Nothing particular to say about it. I just have to report that one of my loans is late: I’m waiting for his repayment since 21 February.


Great month on Envestio, thanks to a big referral income. March return (counting only interest income): 1,25%. All my loans paid me the scheduled interests. I’m pretty satisfied about the return. If everything goes well, at the end of the year Envestio will be my best performing platform.


As you probably can imagine, my Housers’ return is always 0,32%. During March I got a referral on the platform, so I’m waiting for the 25 EUR offereb by the active promotion.


Good return in March (1,06%), but I’m having some problems in investing my capital because there are not enough loans available. At the moment, I have more than 53 EUR on my balance. Not good thing. I really hope they will add more loans in the future.


I’m really liking how FastInvest works. During March the team completely renewed the site and now it is easier to use and I think also nicer to see. March return (counting only interest income): 1,06%. I’m satisfied about this return.


Not a bad return from Twino during March (0,73%), in line with previous months. Howewer, as you’ll see later I decided to withdraw my balance from it.


Normal month on ViaInvest, not good and not bad. March return (counting only interest income): 0,72%. I think that I’ll not increase my balance for the moment.


March has been a not so good month on RoboCash for me, although the annual performance is still good. March return (counting only interest income): 0,72%.

Other Passive Income sources

I obtained an incredible (for me) result on TargetCircle, but I believe it’ll be hard to keep these performances stable in the coming months.

I started to earning something through Amazon Associates. I started to insert some links in my articles, especially links to some interesting financial books. I wrote an article about this particular topic, you can find it here.

I also decided to insert earnings related to two particular platforms: DiversityFund and SolidTradeBank. I never talked about them because they are very risky. Indeed I invested on them a very small percentage of my investment portfolio (0,49% each). Howewer, at the moment they make me earn a stable return, month by month. But never forget that platforms like these can disappear from one day to another. I inserted the referral links above. If you want to invest on them, my advice is to invest a very little amount of money.

I have not received dividends from my stocks during March, but I’ll in April.

Portfolio Composition

As I said before, during March I made some movements.

First of all I withdrew my balance from Twino (I sold my active investments on the Secondary Market). My total deposit on Twino was 400 EUR and I withdrew 403 EUR. I still have almost 40 EUR on the platform, but I can’t withdraw them because they are invested on defaulted loans. Defaulted loans cannot be liquidated on Twino.

I decided to try a new platform, Lenndy. I deposited 250 EUR and in April I’m going to receive the first interests.

I also invested 500 EUR on eToro. My intention is to copy one or two traders and see how it goes. I’ll keep you update on this investment.


This month I tried to organize this report in a better way. Let me know if it is more clear than previous ones. I hope you like this typology of post. If you have any questions, write them in the comments, I always read!

I think that’s all. Have a good month guys, see you soon!


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  1. Ciao,vorrei provare a fare trading su etoro,usufruendo dell’opzione copia il trader,puoi spiegare come registrarsi e come fare,in modo molto semplice,visto che non ho mai fatto nulla di simile,ma vorrei imparare,grazie


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