My Passive Income Report – March 2020

Good morning guys! March had been a tough month for the investing world. In any case it’s part of the past, and it’s time for my Passive Income Report of March 2020 😀

The current situation in the P2P lending world is very troubled: in March investors found out that some Loan Originators on Grupeer does not exist, and sp they started to think it’s a scam, exactly like Envestio and Kuetzal. For the moment nothing is sure, but stay away from this platform.

During the last month, I modified a lot my Investment Portfolio by acquiring some stocks, as you can check on the dedicated page. I would like to remember you that in February I made my first investment in ETFs. I wrote an article about this particular topic, in which I shared with you the strategy I will follow and the ETFs that I chose. Check out the article: my ETF Investment Strategy.

I suggest you to also read my previous Passive Income Report so you can have an idea of how my Passive Income is evolving.

But how much Passive Income did I generate in March?

Earnings from P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding platforms

PlatformsInterests (€)Referral (€)Total (€)
Total (€)43,8454,0397,87

Earnings from my other Passive Income sources

Platform / SourcesEarnings (of which Referral) (€)
Amazon Associates1,50
E-Book Financial Freedom Challenge1,80
Target Circle13,60
DiversityFund115,00 (55,00)
SolidTradeBank17,50 (15,00)
Celsius Network0,46 (0,00)

Total Passive Income: 221,89€

Comments about P2P Lending and Real Estate crowdfunding

I got a little increase from February, mainly due to the commissions I received on Housers.

This is what happened in March:

  • I’m working as a Financial Analyst from home. The company I work for took the wonderful decision to help small and medium-sized business in difficulty through free financial advice. So we’re working a lot, and this is a very good thing, considering also that we’re helping other people in a very difficult moment. If you’re a running a small or medium-sized company in Italy, feel free to contact me for a first approach. Maybe we can help you! 🙂
  • Coronavirus caused a very volatile stock market. I bought some stocks last month, but I think the market will go down again. So I invested just a little portion of my liquidity.

My strategy for 2020 is to mainly invest in ETFs. Indeed I started to increase their % in my Investment Portfolio. In March I increased my investment in ETFs.

If I add the Passive Income generated in March to the previous total, I obtain a result of 4109,38€ of Passive Income (from November 2017). Remember that you can always find the updated results in the dedicated pages: My Investment Portfolio and Income Graphs.


Normal month for me on Mintos! I got a 0.94% interest in March, perfectly in line with what I expect from this platform. Moreover, I successfully withdrew part of my balance. I always received my money on my bank account within 2 days.


As I said before, Grupeer’s situation is very complicated. For the moment I’m still counting my balance on it in my Investment Portfolio, but probably I’ll lost it in the next days or weeks, considering that this platform is (probably) another scam. Honestly, I didn’t expect this from Grupeer.


In March the return had been 1.10%, very very high for a Real Estate platform. At the moment  I have 15 loans in my Portfolio and one loan (loan #8162) is still in default. On February 19 the platform communicated to us that they initiated the legal process for collecting the debt.


I always write that on this platform the monthly return is between 0.25% and 0.35%. Now I can say that this is a lie, because in March I got a 0.22% return.


In March I got a very good return on Swaper: 1.05%. The platform is still working fine so for the moment I do not touch anything on it.


I withdrew all my Twino balance some months ago. At the moment I only have two defaulted loans that pay me 0,07/0,08€ per month.


Good month also on ViaInvest (0.94%). I stopped the Auto-Invest function because I intend to reduce my balance.


In March I got an interest of 0.70%, far lower compared to the return of February. However, I expect such volatility from this platform because it’s one of its characteristics.

Comments about other Passive Income sources

Let’s start from TargetCircle, the affiliation platform that I use to present you interesting bonuses. In March I earned 13,60€ from TargetCircle. This is more or less the amount of money I expect to monthly earn from this platform.

In March I sold one copy of  my e-book dedicated to the Financial Freedom Challenge. But the most important thing is that I finally published the Italian version of the e-book. I suggest you to check it out, it can be a very interesting read in this particular period. Click on this link to open the Amazon page of the e-book.

The two HYIPs that I use (SolidTradeBank and DiversityFund) made me earn a total of 132,50€ in March. They’re still working fine and I’m continuing to believe in them. I’m positive with both of them so I’m just reinvesting my earnings. I also started to use two new platforms similar to DiversityFund but I don’t want to talk about them here (these platforms are very risky, so pay attention!).

At the moment I have 39 active packs on DiversityFund (19x$25 packs and 20x$50 packs) and I receive almost 6$ on my balance every day. The platform decreased the interest rates, considering the difficult period which we’re living. During March I withdrew almost $100 from DiversityFund, and I correctly received my money on Payeer.

Now let’s talk about eToro, the trading platform I’m currently using to copy trade two traders (OlivierDanvel and kela-Leo). February had been a very negative month: I got a return of -1.67% on my investment. The same for March, in which I lost 0,94€ (-0.15%).

Then a brief update about Oval, an application that I use to invest part of my savings. In March the fund Race for Space, in which I’ve invested 75€, got a huge decrease in value (almost 50%). At the moment I have a balance of 116,83€. In March this investment made me lose 26,70€. The total return is now -26.61%.

Finally, the latest platform that I added to my Investment Portfolio. I’m talking about Celsius Network, a platform that I use to invest part of my crypto coins. In February I got earnings for 0,46€. Interests on my deposited cryptos are always on time and I suggest this platform to crypto newbies 🙂

Portfolio Composition

Some changes in March, considering that I increased my investment in ETfs and started to bought some individual stocks. I’m planning to invest a bigger portion of liquidity during April.

In addition, I decreased my investments in P2P Lending because I think that the stock market is creating more interesting opportunities. I also decreased my HYIPs balances.

My goal is to collect as much liquidity as I can.

News & Updates

I finally published the Italian version of the Financial Freedom Challenge e-book. You can buy it HERE for a very little price! 🙂

As you probably know on Amazon is already available the English version, that you can find here.

Finally, some months ago I created an Instagram account for the blog. I’m pretty happy about how it’s evolving, and I’m trying to publish a post a day. So please, follow me also on Instagram! In addition, be sure to make part of the biggest italian Telegram group dedicated to P2P lending, P2P Lending Italia.

I hope you liked this new Report, and stay tuned for the next one! 😀

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