My Passive Income Report – November 2018

Hi guys! November is ended and this means that is Passive Income Report time! This is a fixed appointment (every new month) so if you’re interested in posts like this, start to follow the blog and feel free to write a comment. I always read your comments.

Let’s take a look at my passive income of November.


As you probably know, EstateGuru is my biggest P2P lending investment (900 EUR). In November I didn’t added any cash to my balance because in the next weeks I would like to invest in some new sites.

In the image below you can find all the information you want: the projects I invested in and the relative interests. My total earnings for November is 8.01 EUR. Considering the new balance, it’s a 0,89% return on the total investment.



My earnings on ViaInvest are more or less always the same. In the image below you can find the total interests (1.60 EUR) and the withholding tax (0.16 EUR). So my total earnings is 1.44 EUR, a 0,72% return on the total investment. This is a lower return than the October one.



In October I found more available loans than the previous month. This is positive for me, infact now my balance is 0 EUR. In October I earned 3.40 EUR, that is a 0,85% return on the total investment, exactly the same amount of October.



Robocash is my smallest P2P lending investment. My balance is just 150 EUR. In November I earned 1.45 EUR, that is a 0,96% return on the total investment. The return has decreased from last month.



Mintos is my second biggest P2P lending investment. I trust this site, that’s why I’m still increasing my balance, month by month. Now, my total investment on Mintos is 800 EUR.

My total earnings for October is 9.99 EUR (1,24% return on the total investment, very very good!).




As you probably know, I always receive 1.59 EUR from Housers, every single month. In the image below you can see the projects I funded.



October had been my best month since I started to invest in this “world”. November had been the second best one. This means that my performance are increasing, and I’m happy about that! As you can see, on Grupeer I earned 14,45 last month (5,71 EUR of interests and 8,74 EUR of referral income).  This is a 3,21% monthly return, not bad!




The total sum of my passive income for the month of August is 40,33 EUR. As I said, November had been my second best month since when I started to invest on P2P lending.

In November I did not invest because I had been completely absorbed by the university. In these days I’ll have to study for the first semester exams and then I focus on my portofolio and on new investments. I would like to try some new sites, like Envestio, Swaper, Crowdestor. Let me know in the comments if you know them!



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